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* remove this; we now use private codevendor/hostapdSam Leffler2008-04-201-391/+0
* add support for driver-based RADIUS ACL's (committed on vendor branch as it'sSam Leffler2008-03-244-5/+47
* Import of hostapd 0.5.10Sam Leffler2008-03-2429-323/+490
* Import of hostapd 0.5.8Sam Leffler2007-07-09159-6309/+32275
* Add eapol_version config parameter so folks with clients that (bogusly)Sam Leffler2006-03-275-4/+26
* Import of hostapd 0.4.8Sam Leffler2006-03-0788-1679/+7716
* stripped down import of hostapd 0.3.9Sam Leffler2005-06-1315-34/+110
* This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchcvs2svn2005-06-052-0/+34
* Stripped down import of hostapd v0.3.7vendor/hostapd/0.3.7Sam Leffler2005-06-0594-0/+32064