path: root/etc/etc.arm/ttys
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Move etc/ttys to sbin/init/.Brad Davis2018-09-041-49/+0
* For video consoles, only launch a getty if the device exists.Warner Losh2018-05-091-8/+8
* Enable ttyu1, ttyu2, ttyu3 for arm installations.Glen Barber2015-06-211-3/+3
* Enable ttyv0 and ttyu0 by default if they are availableGlen Barber2015-05-081-2/+2
* Change the terminal type/class for enabled serial lines to 3wire. ThisMarcel Moolenaar2014-03-091-1/+1
* Remove the reference to pseudo-terminals from the description.Ed Schouten2011-03-301-3/+2
* Remove pseudo-terminals from ttys(5).Ed Schouten2010-01-271-257/+0
* Switch the default terminal emulation style to xterm for most platforms.Ed Schouten2009-11-131-9/+9
* Remove the note about using vt220, which makes no sense at all.Ed Schouten2009-06-141-3/+1
* Remove pts(4) entries from /etc/ttys.Ed Schouten2009-02-121-512/+0
* turn off ttyv*; not aware of any arm-based systems with sysconsSam Leffler2009-02-121-8/+8
* Restore 256 pty(4) entries.Ed Schouten2008-08-241-0/+256
* Remove old BSD-style entries from /etc/ttys and increase pts(4) to 512.Ed Schouten2008-08-231-512/+256
* Bump up the number of ttys supported by pty(4) to 512 by making use ofJohn Baldwin2007-11-191-0/+256
* Add ttys lines for pts/0-pts/255.Robert Watson2007-11-151-0/+256
* Use ttyu instead of ttyd for arm, since we will probably never use sio(4).Olivier Houchard2007-08-121-4/+3
* Remove more vestiges of /usr/X11R6, but leave mtree for portmgr.Doug Barton2007-05-291-1/+1
* Add ttyu0 as a serial console, as we're using the uart(4) driver on arm.Olivier Houchard2004-09-241-0/+1
* Import the ttys file for arm.Olivier Houchard2004-06-111-0/+309