path: root/etc/periodic/weekly/330.catman
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* Deorbit catman. The tradeoff of disk for performance has long since tippedGordon Tetlow2017-09-131-58/+0
* Remove trailing white space. No functional changes.Doug Barton2010-05-141-3/+3
* Purge orphan catpages.Ruslan Ermilov2005-03-301-2/+2
* Environmental variable was not being passed to a subshell as intended.Crist J. Clark2002-03-051-2/+2
* setlocale(3) has been fixed to match POSIX standard:Ruslan Ermilov2001-03-021-1/+1
* Another overhaul of the periodic stuff.Brian Somers2000-09-141-6/+18
* Introduce /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, similar in concept to rc.conf.Brian Somers2000-06-231-25/+37
* Use manpath -L for man localesAndrey A. Chernov1999-11-231-8/+2
* localize itAndrey A. Chernov1999-09-111-2/+29
* $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$Peter Wemm1999-08-271-1/+1
* Cosmetic changes.Paul Traina1997-08-171-1/+2
* Copy /etc/cron.d to /etc/periodic per-request of many.Paul Traina1997-08-161-0/+12