path: root/gnu/usr.bin/ld/ldd/ldd.1
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* These files were moved elsewhere (sbin/ldconfig, libexec/rtld-aout,Peter Wemm1998-06-011-47/+0
* Use consistent spelling,Tim Vanderhoek1997-12-251-1/+1
* fix a few spelling changesJohn-Mark Gurney1997-08-301-1/+1
* Made the synopsis in the man page conform to the style guide.Bruce Evans1996-11-301-1/+1
* Incorporate John Polstra's sods.c display of the details about thePeter Wemm1996-10-011-0/+11
* Support for specifying printf-like output specs to control the ldd outputPeter Wemm1996-10-011-1/+12
* Updated to recent version of Paul K.'s shlib code. This code has betterNate Williams1994-12-231-1/+2
* Remove reference to the ld.so man page - ain't no such animal.Jordan K. Hubbard1994-06-171-1/+0
* This is Paul K's latest set of ld changes. A commit was necessary at thisJordan K. Hubbard1994-02-131-1/+1
* Changed NetBSD -> FreeBSDNate Williams1994-02-111-2/+2
* Imported NetBSD's ld for shared libs.Paul Richards1993-11-031-0/+25