path: root/lib/libc/riscv/sys/Makefile.inc
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* Add sched_getcpu()Konstantin Belousov2021-11-101-1/+2
* riscv: Implement non-stub __vdso_gettc and __vdso_gettimekeepJessica Clarke2021-07-051-1/+1
* Reimplement brk() and sbrk() to avoid the use of _end.Mark Johnston2018-06-041-1/+1
* Remove architecture specific shmat.S files.Brooks Davis2018-04-051-2/+0
* Remove architecture specific sigreturn.S files.Brooks Davis2018-04-041-1/+0
* Reduce duplicate NOASM and PSEUDO definitionsBrooks Davis2016-09-081-10/+1
* Remove unusedd and obsolete openbsd_poll system call. (Phase 1)George V. Neville-Neil2016-08-181-1/+0
* Replace use of the pipe(2) system call with pipe2(2) with a zero flagsBrooks Davis2016-06-221-1/+0
* Do not generate code for sbrk syscall -- sbrk support was removed.Ruslan Bukin2016-05-251-0/+1
* Remove legacy brk and sbrk from RISC-V.Ruslan Bukin2016-05-251-3/+1
* Bring in initial libc and libstand support for RISC-V.Ruslan Bukin2016-01-171-0/+25