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* Stop using unifdef to generate bsdxml.hAlex Richardson2018-08-221-5/+4
* Use SRCTOP-relative paths to other directories instead of .CURDIR-relative onesEnji Cooper2017-01-201-1/+1
* First pass through library packaging.Glen Barber2016-02-041-0/+1
* Add a ${CP} alias for copying files in the build.Will Andrews2015-01-161-1/+1
* Fix spelling and wording.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2014-11-121-6/+4
* Fix buildworld -DNO_CLEAN when using with Perforce, which marks files asWill Andrews2010-08-121-1/+1
* Build lib/ with WARNS=6 by default.Ed Schouten2010-01-021-0/+2
* Bump the version of all non-symbol-versioned shared libraries inKen Smith2009-07-191-1/+1
* Update the lib/expat tree for the new v2.0.1 expat import. The bsdxml.hColeman Kane2008-05-081-4/+10
* Bump library versions in preparation for 7.0.Daniel Eischen2007-05-211-1/+1
* Bump the shared library version number of all libraries that have notKen Smith2005-07-221-1/+1
* Stage 3 of dynamic root support. Make all the libraries needed to runGordon Tetlow2003-08-171-0/+1
* Style.Ruslan Ermilov2002-10-041-9/+5
* Ok, concensus was to install libexpat under a "private brandname", and afterPoul-Henning Kamp2002-10-041-9/+19
* Build libexpat out of src/contrib/expat.Poul-Henning Kamp2002-10-021-0/+20