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* Put OPIE to rest.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2022-10-025-550/+0
* Update Makefile.depend filesSimon J. Gerraty2019-12-111-1/+0
* Move opieaccess to lib/libopie/Brad Davis2018-09-202-0/+16
* DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies.Bryan Drewery2017-10-311-1/+0
* Use SRCTOP-relative paths to other directories instead of .CURDIR-relative onesEnji Cooper2017-01-201-1/+1
* First pass through library packaging.Glen Barber2016-02-041-0/+1
* META MODE: Prefer INSTALL=tools/install.sh to lessen the need for xinstall.host.Bryan Drewery2015-11-251-1/+0
* new dependsSimon J. Gerraty2015-06-161-0/+1
* Add META_MODE support.Simon J. Gerraty2015-06-131-0/+20
| * dirdeps.mk now sets DEP_RELDIRSimon J. Gerraty2015-06-081-2/+0
| * Merge sync of headSimon J. Gerraty2015-05-271-2/+1
| |\ | |/ |/|
| * Merge from head@274682Simon J. Gerraty2014-11-191-1/+1
| |\
| * | Updated dependenciesSimon J. Gerraty2014-05-161-1/+1
| * | Updated dependenciesSimon J. Gerraty2014-05-101-0/+2
| * | Updated dependenciesSimon J. Gerraty2013-03-111-0/+1
| * | Updated dependenciesSimon J. Gerraty2013-02-161-2/+0
| * | Updated/new Makefile.dependSimon J. Gerraty2012-11-081-0/+3
| * | Sync FreeBSD's bmake branch with Juniper's internal bmake branch.Marcel Moolenaar2012-08-221-0/+18
* | | Convert libraries to use LIBADDBaptiste Daroussin2014-11-251-2/+1
| |/ |/|
* | Bump version because challenge buffer size changedAndrey A. Chernov2014-08-141-1/+1
* X11BASE has been deprecated for a long time and will die soonEitan Adler2012-01-091-1/+1
* Bump shared libraries version numbers in preparation for 9.0.Konstantin Belousov2011-08-281-1/+1
* Let libopie use utmpx instead of utmp.Ed Schouten2010-01-132-6/+5
* Build lib/ with WARNS=6 by default.Ed Schouten2010-01-021-0/+2
* Bump the version of all non-symbol-versioned shared libraries inKen Smith2009-07-191-1/+1
* Bump library versions in preparation for 7.0.Daniel Eischen2007-05-211-1/+1
* Bump the shared library version number of all libraries that have notKen Smith2005-07-221-1/+1
* Enforce style.Makefile(5).Tom Rhodes2005-04-221-1/+1
* Bump the library version numbers for the following libraries:Ken Smith2004-10-011-1/+1
* Fixed style of DPADD and LDADD assignments as per style.Makefile(5).Ruslan Ermilov2004-02-051-2/+2
* Drop login.c and logwtmp.c from the library build. None of the appsPeter Wemm2002-10-041-1/+1
* Zap now-unused SHLIB_MINORPeter Wemm2002-09-281-1/+0
* Updates for OPIE 2.4.Mark Murray2002-03-221-0/+1
* Turn off USER_LOCKING which allows intruder to completely disable OPIEAndrey A. Chernov2002-01-031-1/+3
* Add __FBSDID()s to libopieMatthew Dillon2001-09-301-2/+3
* Remove the WANT_INSECURE_OPIE option - it is now a default. This is notMark Murray2001-08-121-2/+0
* Add opieaccess(5) functionality under the INSECURE_OPIE .ifdef.Mark Murray2001-08-021-1/+2
* Add the WANT_INSECURE_OPIE frob which is useful for debugging andMark Murray2001-07-091-0/+6
* MAN[1-9] -> MAN.Ruslan Ermilov2001-03-271-2/+1
* Add some extra functions adapted from OpenBSD, in preparation forKris Kennaway2000-05-152-0/+97
* Replace beforeinstall target with new variables used by .mk system.Rodney W. Grimes2000-01-141-4/+1
* $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$Peter Wemm1999-08-281-1/+1
* libopie also depends on libmd. Programs using libopie shouldn't have toPeter Wemm1998-10-111-1/+4
* Move locks from /etc/opielocks to /var/run/opielocks to keepAndrey A. Chernov1997-10-011-1/+1
* Bump minor numberAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-291-1/+3
* Add setutent.cAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-291-2/+2
* EXT_KEYS gone, STD ommitedAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-291-3/+2
* Add logwtmp.cAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-291-2/+2
* MergeAndrey A. Chernov1997-09-291-16/+73
* Install opie.h in /usr/includePaul Traina1997-03-081-1/+5