path: root/lib/libradius/radlib.c
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* Add rad_get_vendor_attr() for deciphering vendor attributes receivedBrian Somers2002-05-101-0/+13
* Add support for vendor specific RADIUS extensions.Brian Somers2002-05-071-0/+51
* Add __FBSDID()s to libradiusMatthew Dillon2001-09-301-2/+3
* Fix password clearing bug which prevented challenge/response from working.Eivind Eklund2000-11-081-1/+1
* strtok -> strsep (no strtok allowed in libraries)Andrey A. Chernov2000-08-291-3/+4
* Add support for RADIUS accounting. Note, this changes the formatJohn Polstra1999-10-311-22/+103
* Allow an alternate to rad_send_request() for programs thatBrian Somers1999-02-051-131/+162
* Install -C radlib.hBrian Somers1999-01-291-6/+21
* Initial import of RADIUS client library donated by Juniper Networks, Inc.John Polstra1998-11-131-0/+737