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* Update vendor/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core state (zfs part)Martin Matuska2012-07-1816-1136/+1896
* Update vendor/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core state (dtrace and ctf part)Martin Matuska2012-07-1817-136/+1616
* Update vendor/opensolaris to last OpenSolaris state (13149:b23a4dab3d50)Martin Matuska2012-07-1851-64/+28203
* Update DTrace userland code to the latest available.vendor/opensolaris/20100802Rui Paulo2010-08-0219-179/+324
* libdtrace MD dependent files. These interact with the fasttrap providerRui Paulo2010-07-175-0/+1145
* Import newer versions of these files from a 20080410 checkout ofJohn Baldwin2009-06-186-34/+80
* Vendor import of the full userland contrib part of DTrace support fromvendor/opensolaris/20080410aJohn Birrell2008-04-2633-1781/+110
* Vendor import of libraries for DTrace from OpenSolaris.John Birrell2008-04-2564-0/+40194