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* Thanks to sysinstall for its 15 years of service. And now to sleep,Nathan Whitehorn2011-03-141-157/+0
* Fix some typos due to unremoved commented-out lines. A great big pointyNathan Whitehorn2011-03-131-1/+1
* Add generation of an installation manifest containing SHA256 checksums asNathan Whitehorn2011-03-131-3/+5
* Connect the full doc build (Handbook, etc.) to the build. This is not builtNathan Whitehorn2011-03-131-5/+25
* Add generation of memstick images to the bsdinstall release makefile forNathan Whitehorn2011-03-131-5/+17
* Fix bugs and make improvements to documentation renaming.Nathan Whitehorn2011-03-111-7/+10
* Add support for generating release documentation. Note that, due to theNathan Whitehorn2011-03-111-0/+17
* Remove a redundant rm and avoiding tarring up work directories in portsNathan Whitehorn2011-03-091-2/+1
* Make this makefile a little more make-like (e.g. build only things thatNathan Whitehorn2011-03-061-31/+82
* Add additional release makefile for bsdinstall-based media, along withNathan Whitehorn2011-03-021-0/+53