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* Fix OL_DIR definition following r336721.Glen Barber2018-07-262-2/+2
* release: Add OL_DIR forgot in r336600Emmanuel Vadot2018-07-252-4/+6
* release: Add rpi firmware dtb and mmc overlays for RPI-B and RPI2Emmanuel Vadot2018-07-222-2/+17
* release: Add arm_install_boot to install the commit boot bitsEmmanuel Vadot2018-07-225-56/+3
* release: Uniform release arm image sizeEmmanuel Vadot2018-07-227-7/+7
* release: arm: Format FAT partition as FAT16Emmanuel Vadot2018-05-173-3/+3
* Increase the msdosfs partition size on arm SoC images where theGlen Barber2018-04-184-4/+4
* release: arm: Copy boot.scr from portsEmmanuel Vadot2018-03-2610-0/+10
* Sort variables for consistency.Glen Barber2017-11-1710-50/+50
* release: Update u-boot and firmware file for RPI2 targetEmmanuel Vadot2017-11-151-3/+10
* release: Update u-boot and firmware file for RPI-B targetEmmanuel Vadot2017-11-151-3/+10
* Update the GUMSTIX image build to use arm/arm TARGET/TARGET_ARCH.Glen Barber2017-11-131-1/+1
* release/arm: Do not install ubldrEmmanuel Vadot2017-11-0310-20/+0
* Increase the arm/armv6 and arm/armv7 images from 2.5GB to 3GB,Glen Barber2017-10-1310-10/+11
* Switch BEAGLEBONE, CUBIEBOARD, and PANDABOARD to use the GENERICGlen Barber2017-10-093-3/+6
* Catch up with r324340, switching relevant arm SoCs from armv6Glen Barber2017-10-068-8/+8
* Bump armv6 SoC images to 2.25GB. RPI-B is full, so increase allGlen Barber2017-10-029-9/+9
* Increase arm{,64} SoC image sizes to prevent "filesystem full" buildGlen Barber2017-09-135-5/+5
* Bump the image size for BANANAPI and CUBIEBOARD2 to 1.5G, asGlen Barber2017-07-272-2/+2
* Revert r319603, r319608, and r319609. Creating a hard link to theGlen Barber2017-06-261-2/+0
* Revert r319608, the dtb path was correct the first time. Sigh.Glen Barber2017-06-051-1/+1
* Fix the source path for the cubieboard2 dtb hard link.Glen Barber2017-06-051-1/+1
* Create a hard link for sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dtb to allow theGlen Barber2017-06-051-0/+2
* - Increase the image size for RPI2 and IMX6-based boards from 1GGlen Barber2017-04-073-5/+5
* Use the armv6 GENERIC kernel in the release images on hardware this kernelAndrew Turner2016-10-123-3/+3
* Use "generic" ALLWINNER_UP kernel config for Cubieboard release.Emmanuel Vadot2016-09-121-1/+1
* Replace the A20 kernel config with a generic ALLWINNER kernel config thatJared McNeill2016-04-212-2/+2
* Use UBOOT_FILES in the dd(1) input file, as intended.Glen Barber2015-10-063-6/+6
* Fix the path to the correct u-boot.bin file to write toGlen Barber2015-10-013-12/+6
* Partially revert r288433, with a minor change:Glen Barber2015-10-013-9/+9
* Fix FAT_SIZE by removing '-b' argument passing, which wasGlen Barber2015-10-013-3/+3
* Initial attempt to add support for building images forGlen Barber2015-09-303-0/+128
* In addition to the ubldr file, also copy ubldr.bin to theGlen Barber2015-09-297-0/+14
* Increase the FreeBSD/arm image sizes back to 1G for 11-CURRENT.Glen Barber2015-06-187-7/+7
* Reduce the arm/armv6 image size from 1G to 480M.Glen Barber2015-06-127-10/+7
* Set the correct UBLDR_LOADADDR for the Wandboard andGlen Barber2015-06-062-2/+2
* Fix a whitespace nit.Glen Barber2015-06-041-1/+1
* Add initial support for building images for the Duovero GumstixGlen Barber2015-06-041-0/+37
* Add a configuration file to support the Cubox/Hummingboard SoC.Glen Barber2015-06-021-0/+39
* Export 'BOARDNAME' when differs from the KERNCONF.Glen Barber2015-05-291-0/+1
* Sort configuration options for consistency with other boards.Glen Barber2015-05-292-2/+2
* Merge ^/projects/release-arm-redux into ^/head.Glen Barber2015-05-098-349/+173
| * Use the IMX6 kernel configuration for the WANDBOARD build,Glen Barber2015-05-083-85/+1
| * Strip the KERNEL from the mount paths, working around the followingGlen Barber2015-05-087-14/+14
| * Fix path to the u-boot.imx file, which is relative to the root ofGlen Barber2015-05-083-3/+3
| * Touch '/firstboot' so the growfs rc(8) script runs.Glen Barber2015-05-087-0/+7
| * Fix the starting block of the partition.Glen Barber2015-05-083-6/+6
| * Initial support for building the PANDABOARD image.Glen Barber2015-05-081-0/+26
| * Add a file missed in the previous commit.Glen Barber2015-05-081-0/+41
| * Copy arm/WANDBOARD-QUAD.conf to arm/WANDBOARD-{SOLO,DUAL}.conf.Glen Barber2015-05-081-0/+41