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* Add support for the Em command. This restores a missing 'not' in theJohn Baldwin2012-01-191-0/+5
* In lists, if there is a Li command remove it. This fixes markup forSimon L. B. Nielsen2009-10-041-0/+4
* - Add support for Pp command - this improves output for axe(4).Simon L. B. Nielsen2008-10-051-3/+16
* Add support for auto-generating hardware notes entries in aBruce A. Mah2007-02-161-6/+22
* - Add more debugging information to make it simpler to understandSimon L. B. Nielsen2006-07-281-2/+19
* Handle .Li macro's with quoted arguments, which is used in the ath(4)Simon L. B. Nielsen2005-07-041-1/+4
* - Update usage to reflect the current reality.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-12-141-4/+6
* Make a warning less cryptic.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-09-111-1/+1
* Make sure ampersand is encoded as & since jade seems to be confusedSimon L. B. Nielsen2004-09-041-0/+3
* - Improve handling of trailing punctuation characters for the Xr macro.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-271-3/+7
* - For column lists: ignore first item when it is likely to be a header.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-271-18/+55
* s/_/./g for an entity name.Hiroki Sato2004-08-261-0/+5
* Support column lists, by only extracting the first column.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-251-1/+10
* - Handle the '\&' mdoc(7) escape sequence.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-151-1/+9
* - Add support for the .Dq macro.Simon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-081-0/+21
* - Add an -o option to specify the output file.Hiroki Sato2004-08-081-14/+47
* Auto generate the device listings in the Hardware Notes based onSimon L. B. Nielsen2004-08-031-0/+353