path: root/release/i386/mkisoimages.sh
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* release: Add support for building on non-FreeBSDJessica Clarke2022-02-281-1/+1
* release: Support -DNO_ROOT image buildingJessica Clarke2022-02-281-4/+32
* release: set -e to exit on error in iso image scriptsEd Maste2018-10-221-0/+2
* Update several more URLsEitan Adler2017-10-291-1/+1
* mkisoimages.sh: remove obsolete x$var conventionEd Maste2017-09-041-1/+1
* Merge ^/projects/release-install-debug:Glen Barber2016-01-051-1/+1
* Fix argument quoting and remove unnecessary bracesDevin Teske2015-09-101-6/+6
* - Add CHECKSUM.* support in Makefile[1].Hiroki Sato2013-02-031-1/+2
* ISO 9660 specification allows only "d-characters" and "a-characters" in theHiroki Sato2013-01-081-2/+2
* Garbage collect some unused variables and stray debug code.Nathan Whitehorn2011-05-051-1/+0
* Repair release CD generation on PC98 and sun4v after release buildingNathan Whitehorn2011-05-041-23/+5
* Use labels to find release media instead of hard-coded device paths. ThisNathan Whitehorn2011-03-221-0/+3
* Make a bootable CD on pc98.Yoshihiro Takahashi2006-05-161-1/+4
* The current version of mkisofs is warning us that the -P option willKen Smith2005-01-301-1/+1
* Don't allow ISO images to be made that try to use boot.flp to boot as theJohn Baldwin2004-12-011-5/+2
* Add a publisher variable with the URL for the FreeBSD Project, and putMurray Stokely2004-07-151-1/+3
* Set BATCH=yes to avoid bumping into interactivity in the port builds.Kris Kennaway2004-07-121-1/+1
* mkisofs(8) is now installed by sysutils/cdrtools.Marius Strobl2004-06-021-4/+4
* Added the (undocumented) EMUL_BOOT variable (for TARGET=i386 only)Ruslan Ermilov2003-07-231-3/+5
* Switch to using cdboot for booting i386 CD's by default.John Baldwin2002-04-111-1/+1
* Providing long filename support on the Macintosh requires over 30Murray Stokely2002-01-241-1/+1
* Try to build `mkisofs' first, and only `pkg_add -r' if you cannot.David E. O'Brien2001-09-031-4/+8
* Fix my backwards logic.David E. O'Brien2001-09-031-1/+1
* + do not hard code where a port may be installed toDavid E. O'Brien2001-08-201-3/+4
* Add scripts and Makefile support for building ISO images automaticallyJordan K. Hubbard2001-07-231-0/+51