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* put back the HZ setting or we see poor timing under qemuLuigi Rizzo2009-12-271-1/+3
* use default HZLuigi Rizzo2009-12-091-1/+1
* create an SMP kernel by default in picobsdLuigi Rizzo2009-11-081-1/+4
* add some popular device and comment some potentially useful optionsLuigi Rizzo2009-04-061-0/+5
* This config file uses dynamically linked binaries, which is moreLuigi Rizzo2009-03-251-10/+3
* remove duplicate entries for isa and npx, they areLuigi Rizzo2009-03-011-4/+0
* update 'sio' with 'uart' and apply related changes.Luigi Rizzo2009-02-191-4/+8
* Fix picobsd builds. Changes include:Luigi Rizzo2007-11-141-1/+0
* Clean obsolete reference to the old NMBCLUSTERS kernel option.Dmitry Morozovsky2006-09-181-1/+0
* Remove bridge(4) from the tree. if_bridge(4) is a full functionalMax Laier2005-09-271-1/+1
* Remove no longer needed I386_CPU option (it was commented out anyways).John Baldwin2004-11-161-1/+0
* Make this compile again: we need to specify a scheduler,Luigi Rizzo2003-06-221-2/+3
* Add back the "sis" driver, we had some room left...Luigi Rizzo2002-03-101-0/+1
* Make this fit again into a 1.44 floppy.Luigi Rizzo2002-03-091-9/+8
* Put a more reasonable path for "more" sources in crunch.conf,Luigi Rizzo2002-02-141-3/+4
* Remove some entries to make the image fit into a floppy again.Luigi Rizzo2001-10-011-5/+5
* Remove options INTRO_USERCONFIG, MFS, USERCONFIG and VISUAL_USERCONFIGJosef Karthauser2001-09-201-1/+0
* Add lnc driver, so one can test picobsd images with vmwareLuigi Rizzo2001-09-051-0/+1
* Remove support of I386_CPU in -current.Luigi Rizzo2001-06-211-0/+1
* FFS_ROOT was made obsolete, so remove it from the PicoBSD kernels.Josef Karthauser2001-04-221-1/+0
* Add a required option, MD_ROOT_SIZELuigi Rizzo2001-02-011-18/+37
* MF4: Update the bridge kernel config file to reflect the structure andJosef Karthauser2000-12-231-31/+19
* Remove COMPAT_OLDPCI.Josef Karthauser2000-12-221-1/+0
* Fix the PICOBSD kernel configs. They're now converted to useJosef Karthauser2000-10-151-64/+75
* Commit PicoBSD mega-patch:Doug White2000-04-251-0/+2
* Remove "conflicts" from kernel config files for picobsd.Patrick S. Gardella2000-03-161-1/+1
* Config file for bridge imageLuigi Rizzo2000-02-091-0/+98