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* Mention the version of NetBSD the utility originated from.Sevan Janiyan2016-10-021-2/+5
* mdoc: .Ud has attitude, it takes no argument!Ulrich Spörlein2010-05-271-1/+1
* License changes from NetBSD.Konstantin Belousov2010-02-141-7/+0
* fsck_msdosfs: accept no-op -C option for compatibilty with fsckAndriy Gapon2009-06-101-3/+7
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* Make msdosfs support the dirty flag in FAT16 and FAT32.Tom Rhodes2003-12-261-5/+3
* mount_msdos -> mount_msdosfsPhilippe Charnier2003-06-081-1/+1
* Fix some 'SYNOPSIS' and 'usage' messages.Tom Rhodes2002-08-271-2/+2
* s/filesystem/file system/g as discussed on -developersTom Rhodes2002-08-211-13/+13
* mdoc(7) police: Use the .Ud macro.Ruslan Ermilov2002-08-131-1/+2
* The .Nm utilityPhilippe Charnier2002-07-061-2/+3
* more file system > filesystemTom Rhodes2002-05-161-4/+4
* Document "-F".David E. O'Brien2001-07-191-0/+7
* mdoc(7) police: fixed markup and program name.Ruslan Ermilov2001-07-111-13/+16
* Add fsck_msdosfs.David E. O'Brien2001-07-091-0/+114