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* sbin: normalize paths using SRCTOP-relative paths or :H when possibleEnji Cooper2017-03-041-8/+8
* Don't add LIBADD=ipf to libipf itself.Bryan Drewery2015-12-011-0/+2
* Convert sbin/ to LIBADDBaptiste Daroussin2014-11-251-3/+1
* Honour WITH and WITHOUT_INET6_SUPPORT.Cy Schubert2014-08-051-0/+8
* Use both NO_WFORMAT and NO_WARRAY_BOUNDS for sbin/ipf, it would be tooDimitry Andric2011-12-171-0/+2
* Switch the default WARNS level for sbin/ to 6.Ruslan Ermilov2009-10-191-0/+2
* Fix the contents of the underneath .depend files and "make checkdpadd".Ruslan Ermilov2005-05-171-8/+4
* create a new build heirarchy for ipfilter toolsDarren Reed2005-04-251-0/+24