path: root/sbin/ipf/ipf/Makefile
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ipfilter userland: Path fixup no longer requiredCy Schubert2021-12-271-1/+0
* rescue ipf: Remove hacks and link in libipf directly.Bryan Drewery2017-11-101-4/+1
* sbin: normalize paths using SRCTOP-relative paths or :H when possibleEnji Cooper2017-03-041-1/+1
* Create packages for atm, ccdconfig, devd, ipf, ipfw,Glen Barber2016-02-091-0/+1
* Remove redundant DPSRCS which were already in SRCS.Bryan Drewery2015-11-251-2/+0
* Convert sbin/ to LIBADDBaptiste Daroussin2014-11-251-2/+1
* Revert r267233 for now. PIE support needs to be reworked.Bryan Drewery2014-08-191-2/+0
* In preparation for ASLR [1] support add WITH_PIE to support building with -fPIE.Bryan Drewery2014-06-081-0/+2
* Update ipfilter 4.1.28 --> 5.1.2.Cy Schubert2013-09-061-1/+1
* Link ipfilter(4) and ipfilter(5) to the build to stop the wrong man pageIsabell Long2012-08-281-2/+2
* Fix the manual build.David E. O'Brien2006-09-101-4/+4
* fix style nitDavid E. O'Brien2006-05-071-1/+1
* Add missing library dependencies.Ruslan Ermilov2006-04-131-0/+1
* Enable building /sbin/ipf (but not the rescue version) with the ability toDarren Reed2005-05-161-2/+4
* Patches from Ruslam Ermilov to remove NetBSD bits from Makefiles and cleanupDarren Reed2005-04-281-8/+3
* create a new build heirarchy for ipfilter toolsDarren Reed2005-04-251-0/+44