path: root/sbin/ipf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Sync from headSimon J. Gerraty2012-11-041-2/+2
| * Link ipfilter(4) and ipfilter(5) to the build to stop the wrong man pageIsabell Long2012-08-281-2/+2
* | Sync FreeBSD's bmake branch with Juniper's internal bmake branch.Marcel Moolenaar2012-08-229-0/+268
* Use both NO_WFORMAT and NO_WARRAY_BOUNDS for sbin/ipf, it would be tooDimitry Andric2011-12-171-0/+2
* Always assign WARNS using ?=Ulrich Spörlein2010-03-021-2/+1
* Switch the default WARNS level for sbin/ to 6.Ruslan Ermilov2009-10-191-0/+2
* This makefile builds contrib code, so I won't try to fix all theJohn Birrell2007-11-181-0/+2
* Exclude inet_addr.c from the build.Olivier Houchard2007-06-111-1/+1
* Merge IPFilter 4.1.23 back to HEADDarren Reed2007-06-041-22/+22
* Fix the manual build.David E. O'Brien2006-09-105-24/+23
* Regularly scheduled patch to unbreak regularly scheduled post-ipfilterAlexander Kabaev2006-08-171-1/+1
* Adapt to ipf 4.1.13Guido van Rooij2006-08-161-2/+2
* fix style nitDavid E. O'Brien2006-05-071-1/+1
* Add missing library dependencies.Ruslan Ermilov2006-04-131-0/+1
* Add printproto.c to libipfGuido van Rooij2005-12-301-2/+2
* Fix the contents of the underneath .depend files and "make checkdpadd".Ruslan Ermilov2005-05-171-8/+4
* Enable building /sbin/ipf (but not the rescue version) with the ability toDarren Reed2005-05-161-2/+4
* Patches from Ruslam Ermilov to remove NetBSD bits from Makefiles and cleanupDarren Reed2005-04-288-38/+4
* Not looking for ipfilter source files in the right placeDarren Reed2005-04-261-1/+1
* create a new build heirarchy for ipfilter toolsDarren Reed2005-04-2514-16/+418
* Link a couple of missing manpagesGuido van Rooij2005-01-071-0/+2
* style.Makefile(5):Johan Karlsson2004-02-231-1/+1
* Move my maintainership of parts of ipfilter back to Darren ReedGuido van Rooij2003-06-061-1/+1
* * add extra -I path to get the "matching" header files.Darren Reed2002-03-201-0/+1
* Default to WARNS=2.David E. O'Brien2001-12-041-0/+1
* Pick up the correct headers from sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet.Ruslan Ermilov2001-06-181-1/+3
* Backout previous change (removal of -I${.CURDIR}/../../sys/netinet).Ruslan Ermilov2001-06-111-1/+1
* Removed -I${.CURDIR}/.../sys from CFLAGS.Ruslan Ermilov2001-05-181-1/+1
* - Backout botched attempt to introduce MANSECT feature.Ruslan Ermilov2001-03-261-3/+1
* Build with -DUSE_INET6 so that we can actually use the IPv6 support inJacques Vidrine2000-10-311-1/+1
* add common.c to SRCS to fix compile problemsDarren Reed2000-05-241-1/+1
* Add MAINTAINER tag.Guido van Rooij1999-12-151-0/+2
* Revive userland stuff for ipfilter.Guido van Rooij1999-11-231-0/+12
* Nuke the old antique copy of ipfilter from the tree. This is old enoughPeter Wemm1999-10-101-12/+0
* Initial bmake scaffolding for ipfilter userland stuff.Peter Wemm1998-03-211-0/+12