path: root/sbin/mdconfig/tests
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* First pass to fix the 'tests' packages.Glen Barber2016-02-021-0/+4
* Refactor the test/ Makefiles after recent changes to bsd.test.mk (r289158) andEnji Cooper2015-10-121-3/+0
* Convert sbin/mdconfig/tests from prove format tests to ATF format testsEnji Cooper2014-11-275-613/+284
* Fix path to the run.pl script to let these tests run.Julio Merino2014-03-271-1/+1
* Add Makefile missed in r263220.Julio Merino2014-03-161-0/+13
* Migrate tools/regression/sbin/ to the new tests layout.Julio Merino2014-03-163-0/+607