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* Updated dependenciesSimon J. Gerraty2013-02-161-2/+0
* Sync with HEAD.David E. O'Brien2013-02-083-203/+486
| * Retire struct sockaddr_inarp.Gleb Smirnoff2013-01-311-4/+1
| * Fix -iface and -interface modifiers.Hiroki Sato2013-01-081-14/+14
| * - Fix strtol() error handling.Hiroki Sato2012-12-161-16/+35
| * - Move definition of V_deembed_scopeid to scope6_var.h.Hiroki Sato2012-12-051-10/+0
| * Fix fallout from r243019, which broke parsing of shortened networkGleb Smirnoff2012-12-041-0/+7
| * - Fix LOR in sa6_recoverscope() in rt_msg2()[1].Hiroki Sato2012-12-041-0/+10
| * Flush stdout after RTM_IFANNOUNCE message.Gleb Smirnoff2012-12-041-0/+1
| * No need to be root when running with -t or -d.Gleb Smirnoff2012-12-041-2/+2
| * Fill sin6_scope_id in sockaddr_in6 before passing it from the kernel toHiroki Sato2012-11-171-34/+0
| * Add -fib modifier to specify FIB number. The FIB number can be in aHiroki Sato2012-11-173-114/+440
| * Remove remnants of classful addressing. These magic transformationsGleb Smirnoff2012-11-141-41/+8
* | Sync FreeBSD's bmake branch with Juniper's internal bmake branch.Marcel Moolenaar2012-08-221-0/+22
* Remove superfluous paragraph macro.Joel Dahl2012-03-251-1/+0
* Document the show alias and add an EXAMPLES section.Joel Dahl2012-03-241-1/+36
* Fix a possible infinite loop in "route flush" on 64-bit archs.Hiroki Sato2012-02-041-2/+2
* Handle the internal scope address representation of the KAME IPv6Hajimu UMEMOTO2012-01-071-3/+6
* - Fix array bounds checking. [1]Gleb Smirnoff2010-12-081-15/+44
* Add RTM_IEEE80211 to array of route message descriptions.Gleb Smirnoff2010-12-081-0/+1
* route(8): make WARNS=3 cleanUlrich Spörlein2010-02-272-149/+155
* remove stale references to RTF_CLONING and RTF_LLINFOKip Macy2009-09-041-21/+0
* ANSIfy functions declarations, adjust prototypes. Rename local variablePhilippe Charnier2009-08-251-75/+58
* Extend route command:Kip Macy2009-04-142-11/+24
* Fix broken case where caused by last patch whereRandall Stewart2009-04-111-1/+2
* Ok, looking at the solution a bit closer, the levelRandall Stewart2009-04-061-4/+4
* Class based addressing went out in the early 90's. BasicallyRandall Stewart2009-04-061-16/+17
* Fix regression introduced in rev. 173124:Alexander Motin2009-01-181-26/+27
* This main goals of this project are:Qing Li2008-12-151-6/+0
* Fix printing of sockaddr prefixes in verbose mode.Ruslan Ermilov2008-04-101-1/+1
* In route.c in newroute() there's a call to exit(0) if the command wasRemko Lodder2008-03-221-1/+1
* Don't mask the address in inet_makenetandmask() according to what classMike Makonnen2007-11-041-1/+0
* Document -t.David E. O'Brien2007-11-011-0/+4
* Fix an error in bit shifting logic for network addresses. The routeMike Makonnen2007-10-291-20/+24
* Obey MK_INET6_SUPPORT.Yaroslav Tykhiy2006-07-271-2/+10
* Document that -q option is also applicable to the "change" command.Ruslan Ermilov2005-10-021-2/+2
* Introduce "route del" as an alias to "route delete".Anton Berezin2005-09-283-1/+7
* - Understand EADDRINUSE, and forget EDQUOT. [1]Gleb Smirnoff2005-09-211-2/+6
* - do DNS lookup for symbolic names specified for a destinationHajimu UMEMOTO2005-05-231-4/+5
* NI_WITHSCOPEID cleanup. Neither RFC 2553 nor RFC 3493 definesHajimu UMEMOTO2005-05-131-6/+0
* shutdown(2)'s how argument as 0 is nowhere near as cool as SHUT_RDJuli Mallett2005-05-111-2/+2
* Expand *n't contractions.Ruslan Ermilov2005-02-131-1/+1
* Sort sections.Ruslan Ermilov2005-01-181-2/+2
* Added the EXIT STATUS section where appropriate.Ruslan Ermilov2005-01-171-1/+1
* Scheduled mdoc(7) sweep.Ruslan Ermilov2005-01-101-1/+1
* Fix markup: .Dv -> .VaBruce M Simpson2004-11-041-2/+2
* Document the fact that blackhole routes normally need to be boundBruce M Simpson2004-11-041-0/+10
* Mechanically kill hard sentence breaks.Ruslan Ermilov2004-07-021-3/+6
* When parsing an argument as an address in getaddr(), heed the -host optionBruce M Simpson2004-06-161-1/+1
* Assorted markup, grammar, and spelling fixes.Ruslan Ermilov2004-05-171-1/+1