path: root/sys/arm64/rockchip/rk_pcie.c
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* sys: Automated cleanup of cdefs and other formattingWarner Losh12 days1-1/+0
* sys: Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line .c patternWarner Losh2023-08-161-2/+0
* spdx: The BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD identifier is obsolete, drop -FreeBSDWarner Losh2023-05-121-1/+1
* Map arm64 pci config memory as non-postedAndrew Turner2023-03-051-2/+16
* Add Rockchip PCIe cleanup on attach faulureAndrew Turner2022-07-041-8/+42
* Support decoding mem32 memory in the rk pcie driverAndrew Turner2022-07-041-5/+5
* arm64 rockchip: Remove unused devclass arguments to DRIVER_MODULE.John Baldwin2022-05-091-3/+1
* arm64 rk_pcie: Use __diagused for a variable only used in KASSERT().John Baldwin2022-04-131-1/+1
* Rename ofwpci.c to ofw_pcib.cMarcin Wojtas2021-05-201-2/+2
* Implement workaround for broken access to configuration space.Michal Meloun2020-09-191-34/+21
* arm64: clean up empty lines in .c and .h filesMateusz Guzik2020-09-011-9/+0
* Add the missing brackets to the logical expression.Michal Meloun2020-03-091-2/+2
* Add driver for Rockchip PCIe root complex found in RK3399 SOC.Michal Meloun2019-12-141-0/+1411