path: root/sys/cam/ctl/ctl_backend.h
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* Introduce "soft" serseq variant.Alexander Motin2021-04-061-0/+1
* Refactor CTL datamove KPI.Alexander Motin2021-02-211-1/+0
* cam: clean up empty lines in .c and .h filesMateusz Guzik2020-09-011-1/+0
* Make struct ctl_be_lun first element of struct ctl_be_*_lun.Alexander Motin2020-05-281-4/+4
* Cleanup LUN addition/removal.Alexander Motin2020-05-021-25/+5
* Rework CTL frontend & backend options to use nv(3), allow creating multipleMarcelo Araujo2018-05-101-1/+2
* sys/cam: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-271-0/+2
* Add initial support for CTL module unloading.Alexander Motin2017-01-211-5/+7
* Rewrite CTL statistics in more simple and scalable way.Alexander Motin2017-01-091-49/+2
* Umplement media load/eject support for removable devices.Alexander Motin2015-09-281-25/+13
* Reimplement CTL High Availability.Alexander Motin2015-09-101-0/+6
* Move setting of media parameters inside open routines.Alexander Motin2015-09-061-1/+8
* Pass real optimal transfer size supported by backend.Alexander Motin2014-12-181-1/+8
* Add configuration options to override physical and UNMAP blocks geometry.Alexander Motin2014-12-171-0/+2
* Count consecutive read requests as blocking in CTL for files and ZVOLs.Alexander Motin2014-12-061-1/+2
* Add to CTL support for logical block provisioning threshold notifications.Alexander Motin2014-11-061-0/+2
* Remove couple Copan's vendor-specific mode pages.Alexander Motin2014-10-141-8/+0
* Make ctld start even if some LUNs are unable to open backing storage.Alexander Motin2014-10-101-1/+4
* Add support for WRITE ATOMIC (16) command and report SBC-4 compliance.Alexander Motin2014-10-081-0/+3
* Make options KPI more generic to allow it to be used for ports too,Alexander Motin2014-07-051-15/+1
* Implement small KPI to access LUN options instead doing it by hands.Alexander Motin2014-06-141-0/+8
* Add support for SCSI UNMAP commands to CTL.Alexander Motin2014-04-081-1/+4
* Report stripe size and offset of the backing device in READ CAPACITY (16)Alexander Motin2014-04-061-0/+6
* CTL changes required for iSCSI target, most notably LUN remappingEdward Tomasz Napierala2013-08-241-0/+7
* Add LUN resizing to CTL. Also make it possible to explicitly setEdward Tomasz Napierala2012-03-061-0/+5
* Add the CAM Target Layer (CTL).Kenneth D. Merry2012-01-121-0/+288