path: root/sys/compat/linuxkpi/common/include/net
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* compat: clean up empty lines in .c and .h filesMateusz Guzik2020-09-011-1/+0
* Implement the ip_eth_mc_map() function in the LinuxKPI.Hans Petter Selasky2018-06-121-0/+14
* linuxkpi whitespace cleanupEd Maste2018-03-233-22/+21
* Add full VNET support to the inet_get_local_port_range() function inHans Petter Selasky2017-03-221-2/+3
* Add support for more IPv4 and IPv6 related macros in the LinuxKPI.Hans Petter Selasky2017-03-221-2/+6
* Make all the LinuxKPI include files compile standalone.Hans Petter Selasky2015-11-033-4/+12
* Finish process of moving the LinuxKPI module into the default kernel build.Hans Petter Selasky2015-10-295-0/+359