path: root/sys/dev/ioat/ioat.h
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* Add ioat_get_domain() to ioat(4) KPI.Alexander Motin2019-11-191-0/+1
* ioat(4): Set __result_use_check on ioat_acquire_reserveConrad Meyer2019-01-171-1/+2
* ioat(4): Export HW capabilities to consumersConrad Meyer2016-07-121-0/+31
* ioat(4): Export the number of available channelsConrad Meyer2016-06-041-0/+2
* ioat(4): Implement CRC and MOVECRC APIsConrad Meyer2016-05-031-1/+56
* ioat(4): ioat_get_dmaengine(): Add M_WAITOK modeConrad Meyer2016-04-091-1/+3
* ioat(4): Add support for 'fence' bit with DMA_FENCE flagConrad Meyer2016-01-151-1/+7
* ioat(4): Add ioat_acquire_reserve() KPIConrad Meyer2016-01-071-1/+14
* ioat(4): Add ioat_get_max_io_size() KPIConrad Meyer2016-01-051-0/+1
* ioat(4): Add an API to get HW revisionConrad Meyer2015-12-171-0/+11
* ioat(4): Add support for interrupt coalescingConrad Meyer2015-12-141-0/+22
* ioat(4): Add ioat_copy_8k_aligned KPIConrad Meyer2015-12-091-0/+13
* ioat: Handle channel-fatal HW errors safelyConrad Meyer2015-10-311-1/+1
* ioat: Define DMACAPABILITY bitsConrad Meyer2015-10-281-0/+2
* ioat: Add support for Block Fill operationsConrad Meyer2015-10-261-0/+8
* ioat: Allocate memory for ring resize sanelyConrad Meyer2015-10-261-1/+6
* ioat: refcnt users so we can drain them at detachConrad Meyer2015-10-241-0/+3
* Import ioat(4) driverConrad Meyer2015-08-241-0/+77