path: root/sys/dev/ixl/i40e_osdep.h
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* ixl(4): Update version number to 2.0.0-kEric Joyner2018-06-181-1/+1
* ixl(4): Update to 1.9.9-kEric Joyner2018-05-011-1/+4
* ixl(4): Update to 1.7.12-kEric Joyner2017-02-101-0/+3
* Consistently use `device_t`Jean-Sébastien Pédron2016-08-091-1/+1
* ixl(4): Update to ixl-1.6.6-k.Sean Bruno2016-08-071-7/+8
* ixl: Update to 1.4.20-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-10/+13
* Update SW4 to the Intel ixl/ixlv drivers. This is primarily a sharedJack F Vogel2015-06-051-4/+6
* Remove executable property from several ixl(4) source files.John Baldwin2015-05-191-0/+0
* Update the Intel i40e drivers, ixl version 1.2.8, ixlv version 1.1.18Jack F Vogel2014-11-061-2/+1
* Ensure that ixl_flush() uses a defined register on VFsRyan Stone2014-09-291-4/+9
* Revert r270808, which were changes to common code (i40e_alloc.h).Bjoern A. Zeeb2014-09-181-5/+0
* Properly handle prefetch only for amd64 and i386 as we do elsewhere.Bjoern A. Zeeb2014-08-291-0/+4
* Fix build breakage caused by ixl driverSteven Hartland2014-08-281-2/+2
* Update to the Intel Base driver for the Intel XL710 Ethernet Controller FamilyJack F Vogel2014-08-221-0/+230