path: root/sys/dev/ixl/ixl_pf.h
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Mechanically convert ixl(4) to IfAPIJustin Hibbits2023-01-241-6/+6
* ixl(4): Remove unused function declarationEric Joyner2022-01-121-1/+0
* ixl(4): Add ability to control link state on ifconfig downKrzysztof Galazka2021-03-031-0/+7
* ixl(4): Fix VLAN HW filteringKrzysztof Galazka2021-02-041-9/+10
* ixl(4): Add support for X710-T*L devicesEric Joyner2020-09-011-2/+7
* ixl(4): Add FW recovery mode support and other thingsEric Joyner2020-06-091-30/+63
* ixl: Fix panic caused by bug exposed by r344062Eric Joyner2019-02-141-1/+0
* ixl/iavf(4): Fix GCC 6.4.0 buildConrad Meyer2018-10-201-3/+0
* ixl/iavf(4): Change ixlv to iavf and update it to use iflib(9)Eric Joyner2018-10-121-22/+17
* ixl(4): Set baudrate on link up using proper link_speed variableEric Joyner2018-07-121-1/+0
* ixl(4): Fix gcc build errorsEric Joyner2018-06-201-2/+0
* ixl(4): Update version number to 2.0.0-kEric Joyner2018-06-181-1/+1
* ixl(4): Update to use iflibEric Joyner2018-06-181-49/+93
* ixl(4): Update to 1.9.9-kEric Joyner2018-05-011-7/+28
* ixl: gcc build errorsRyan Libby2017-07-141-12/+5
* ixl(4): Update to 1.7.12-kEric Joyner2017-02-101-15/+42
* Consistently use `device_t`Jean-Sébastien Pédron2016-08-091-1/+1
* ixl(4): Update to ixl-1.6.6-k.Sean Bruno2016-08-071-45/+163
* ixl: Update to 1.4.17-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-6/+45
* ixl: Update to 1.4.13-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-10/+23
* ixl: Update to 1.4.12-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-0/+3
* ixl: Update to 1.4.9-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-0/+3
* ixl: Update to 1.4.7-k.Eric Joyner2016-05-121-0/+7
* This delta introduces SRIOV support, thanks to Ryan Stone of Sandvine forJack F Vogel2015-03-101-2/+44
* Bring the XL710 drivers up to the SW3 release level.Jack F Vogel2015-02-201-1/+2
* Update to the Intel Base driver for the Intel XL710 Ethernet Controller FamilyJack F Vogel2014-08-221-0/+96