path: root/sys/dev/mthca
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* mthca: Mark a variable used only in debug traces as unused.John Baldwin2022-04-081-1/+1
* ibcore: Kernel space update based on Linux 5.7-rc1.Hans Petter Selasky2021-07-285-218/+192
* ibcore: Declare ib_post_send() and ib_post_recv() arguments constHans Petter Selasky2021-07-123-28/+28
* ibcore: Simplify ib_modify_qp_is_ok().Hans Petter Selasky2021-07-121-2/+1
* mlx4, mthca: Silence warnings about no-op alignment operationsMark Johnston2021-02-112-5/+7
* mthca: clean up empty lines in .c and .h filesMateusz Guzik2020-09-014-7/+0
* Infiniband clients must be attached and detached in a specific order in ibcore.Hans Petter Selasky2020-07-061-2/+2
* Remove sparc64 kernel supportWarner Losh2020-02-031-8/+2
* Optimize ibcore RoCE address handle creation from user-space.Hans Petter Selasky2018-03-051-1/+2
* Import the mthca kernel side infiniband driver from Linux 4.9 and fixHans Petter Selasky2018-02-1327-0/+15392