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* Fix small kernel memory disclosures. [EN-18:12.mem]releng/10.4Gordon Tetlow2018-09-271-0/+2
* In order to maximize the re-usability of kernel code in user space thisKip Macy2011-09-161-3/+3
* Clear the padding when returning context to the usermode, forKonstantin Belousov2011-02-051-0/+2
* Move prototypes for kern_sigtimedwait() and kern_sigprocmask() toJohn Baldwin2010-06-301-0/+1
* In r197963, a race with thread being selected for signal deliveryKonstantin Belousov2009-10-271-8/+4
* Further system call comment cleanup:Robert Watson2007-03-051-3/+3
* Remove 'MPSAFE' annotations from the comments above most system calls: allRobert Watson2007-03-041-6/+0
* Change the clear_ret argument of get_mcontext() to be a flags argument.Marcel Moolenaar2003-11-091-2/+2
* Use __FBSDID().David E. O'Brien2003-06-111-4/+3
* Add an argument to get_mcontext() which specified whether theDaniel Eischen2003-04-251-2/+2
* Protect td_sigmask with the proc lock.John Baldwin2003-04-171-1/+5
* - Fix UC_COPY_SIZE. Adding up the size of structure fields doesn't takeJake Burkholder2003-04-011-4/+3
* - Move p->p_sigmask to td->td_sigmask. Signal masks will be per thread withJeff Roberson2003-03-311-4/+4
* Add getcontext, setcontext, and swapcontext as system calls.Daniel Eischen2002-11-161-0/+134