path: root/sys/sparc64/include/critical.h
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* Divorce critical sections from spinlocks. Critical sections as denoted byJohn Baldwin2005-04-041-91/+0
* netchild's mega-patch to isolate compiler dependencies into a centralJoerg Wunsch2005-03-021-3/+3
* Pass a thread argument into cpu_critical_{enter,exit}() rather thanRobert Watson2004-07-271-8/+4
* Fix syntax errors and wrong function prototypes in several MD headerLukas Ertl2004-03-051-2/+2
* Expand inline the relevant parts of src/COPYRIGHT for Matt Dillon'sWarner Losh2003-08-121-2/+24
* - Since td_critnest is now initialized in MI code, it doesn't have to beJohn Baldwin2003-08-041-2/+0
* Stage-2 commit of the critical*() code. This re-inlines cpu_critical_enter()Matthew Dillon2002-04-011-0/+75