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* Implement several enhancements to NUMA policies.Jeff Roberson2018-03-291-0/+6
* sys/sys: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-271-0/+2
* bitset: introduce helpers to allocate a bitset at runtimeRoger Pau Monné2016-05-061-0/+8
* Fix <sys/_bitset.h> and <sys/_cpuset.h> to not require <sys/param.h>.John Baldwin2016-05-051-14/+3
* Remove an erroneous semicolon.Mark Johnston2015-10-241-1/+1
* Generalize the bitset operations, present in cpuset and offer a KPI toAttilio Rao2013-05-091-0/+61