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* sys: clean up empty lines in .c and .h filesMateusz Guzik2020-09-011-1/+0
* sys/sys: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-271-0/+2
* Add const to char * pointers. This breaks nothing, and means constMark Murray2015-06-281-3/+3
* Remove spurious '/*-' marks and fix some other style problems.Edward Tomasz Napierala2010-07-221-1/+1
* Revert r210225 - turns out I was wrong; the "/*-" is not license-onlyEdward Tomasz Napierala2010-07-181-1/+1
* The "/*-" comment marker is supposed to denote copyrights. Remove non-copyrightEdward Tomasz Napierala2010-07-181-1/+1
* Allow a const char * to be passed as the process name to kproc_kthread_add()John Baldwin2010-05-211-1/+1
* - Fix the kthread_{suspend, resume, suspend_check}() locking.Attilio Rao2010-01-241-1/+1
* kthread_exit needs no stinkin argument.Julian Elischer2007-10-261-1/+1
* Introduce a way to make pure kernal threads.Julian Elischer2007-10-261-2/+27
* Remove out of date commentsJulian Elischer2007-10-211-3/+3
* Rename the kthread_xxx (e.g. kthread_create()) callsJulian Elischer2007-10-201-5/+5
* Some kernel threads try to do significant work, and the default KSTACK_PAGESScott Long2002-10-021-1/+1
* Remove __PAlfred Perlstein2002-03-191-9/+9
* KSE Milestone 2Julian Elischer2001-09-121-3/+3
* Include <sys/cdefs.h> so that this file is self-sufficient.Bruce Evans2001-02-151-9/+9
* Stick the kthread API in a kthread_* namespace, and the specialized kprocJohn Baldwin2000-12-151-5/+4
* Major update to the way synchronization is done in the kernel. HighlightsJason Evans2000-09-071-1/+1
* Introduce a mechanism to suspend/resume system processes. Suspend syncerLuoqi Chen2000-01-071-0/+5
* Slight reorganization of kernel thread/process creation. Instead of usingPeter Wemm1999-07-011-0/+50