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* Minor style cleanupWarner Losh2021-04-181-1/+1
* Rename struct device to struct _deviceMark Johnston2021-04-121-1/+1
* Dedup zpcpu assertions into one macro and guard the rest with #ifndefMateusz Guzik2020-02-121-3/+13
* Store offset into zpcpu allocations in the per-cpu area.Mateusz Guzik2020-02-121-2/+17
* Tidy up zpcpu_replace*Mateusz Guzik2020-02-101-4/+13
* Add zpcpu_{set,add,sub}_protected.Mateusz Guzik2020-02-071-0/+18
* Convert zpcpu_* inlines to macros and add zpcpu_replace.Mateusz Guzik2019-12-171-13/+15
* vfs: convert struct mount counters to per-cpuMateusz Guzik2019-09-161-0/+12
* Centralize __pcpu definitions.Konstantin Belousov2019-08-291-16/+6
* Move scheduler state into the per-cpu area where it can be allocated on theJeff Roberson2019-08-131-0/+1
* [PowerPC64] Don't mark module data as staticLeandro Lupori2019-06-251-1/+2
* Extract eventfilter declarations to sys/_eventfilter.hConrad Meyer2019-05-201-0/+1
* Don't mark module data as static on RISC-V.Ruslan Bukin2018-09-121-1/+1
* As with DPCPU_DEFINE_STATIC make VNET_DEFINE_STATIC non-static on arm64 inAndrew Turner2018-07-301-1/+3
* Don't use the static keyword with DPCPU defines in arm64 modules.Andrew Turner2018-07-161-0/+18
* Expand x86 struct pcpus to UMA_PCPU_ALLOC_SIZE AKA PAGE_SIZE.Konstantin Belousov2018-07-061-8/+13
* Revert to recommit with the proper message.Konstantin Belousov2018-07-061-13/+8
* Save a call to pmap_remove() if entry cannot have any pages mapped.Konstantin Belousov2018-07-061-8/+13
* Back pcpu zone with domain correct pagesMatt Macy2018-07-061-2/+4
* Create a new macro for static DPCPU data.Andrew Turner2018-07-051-1/+5
* sys: further adoption of SPDX licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-201-0/+2
* - Remove 'struct vmmeter' from 'struct pcpu', leaving only global vmmeterGleb Smirnoff2017-04-171-2/+1
* Renumber copyright clause 4Warner Losh2017-02-281-1/+1
* sys/pcpu.h: Revert change introduced in r303890Jean-Sébastien Pédron2016-08-091-1/+1
* Consistently use `device_t`Jean-Sébastien Pédron2016-08-091-1/+1
* Revert r299096Enji Cooper2016-05-051-1/+1
* s/struct device */device_t/gAdrian Chadd2016-05-041-1/+1
* Remove weighted page handling from vm_page_advise().Mark Johnston2015-08-281-1/+1
* Add zpcpu_get_cpu() that converts base pointer of UMA_ZPCPU_ZONEGleb Smirnoff2014-02-101-0/+7
* Merge from projects/counters:Gleb Smirnoff2013-04-081-0/+16
* Remove namespace pollution in _rmlock.h by defining rm_queue structureAttilio Rao2012-09-181-18/+5
* Remove explicit MAXCPU usage from sys/pcpu.h avoiding a namespaceAttilio Rao2011-07-191-3/+1
* Remove pc_name member of struct pcpu.Attilio Rao2011-07-191-3/+0
* Fix the definition for PCPU_NAME_LEN, which is intended to fitMarius Strobl2011-07-091-1/+1
* Completely remove now unused pc_other_cpus, pc_cpumask.Attilio Rao2011-07-041-12/+0
* MFCAttilio Rao2011-05-311-2/+2
| * On multi-core, multi-threaded PPC systems, it is important that the threadsNathan Whitehorn2011-05-311-2/+2
* | In the near future cpuset_t objects in struct pcpu will be axed out, butAttilio Rao2011-05-271-2/+12
* | Commit the support for removing cpumask_t and replacing it directly withAttilio Rao2011-05-051-2/+3
* After some off-list discussion, revert a number of changes to theDimitry Andric2010-11-221-6/+3
* Instead of unconditionally emitting .globl's for the __start_set_xxx andDimitry Andric2010-11-141-3/+4
* Add macros to define static instances of VNET_DEFINE and DPCPU_DEFINE.Dimitry Andric2010-11-141-0/+2
* Similar to sys/net/vnet.h, define the linker set name for sys/sys/pcpu.hDimitry Andric2010-11-141-1/+4
* Use the same treatment as in linker_set.h for the __start and __stopDimitry Andric2010-11-111-0/+6
* sys/pcpu.h: remove a workaround for a fixed ld bugAndriy Gapon2010-09-151-14/+0
* Very rough first cut at NUMA support for the physical page allocator. ForJohn Baldwin2010-07-271-0/+1
* Unbreak DPCPU_SUM() by dereferencing the pointer returned by DPCPU_ID_PTR().Lawrence Stewart2010-07-171-1/+1
* - The sum variable used in DPCPU_SUM needs to be of the same type as theLawrence Stewart2010-07-131-3/+2
* Macro to simplify zeroing DPCPU variables.Lawrence Stewart2010-07-131-0/+9
* - Rename DPCPU_SUM to DPCPU_VARSUM to better reflect the fact it operates onLawrence Stewart2010-07-131-1/+13