path: root/sys/x86/include/_types.h
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* Reduce code duplication in machine/_types.hAlex Richardson2021-06-141-49/+2
* i386: Merge PAE and non-PAE pmaps into same kernel.Konstantin Belousov2019-01-301-4/+0
* Do not include float interfaces when using libsa.Warner Losh2018-02-231-0/+4
* Move __va_list and related defines to sys/sys/_types.hWarner Losh2018-02-121-22/+0
* Remove lint support from system headers and MD x86 headers.Konstantin Belousov2017-11-231-6/+0
* spdx: initial adoption of licensing ID tags.Pedro F. Giffuni2017-11-181-0/+2
* Define the vm_ooffset_t and vm_pindex_t types as machine-independend.Konstantin Belousov2017-02-041-2/+0
* Add missing dependency on <machine/_limits.h>.Ed Schouten2016-05-311-0/+2
* Fix more style issues.Jung-uk Kim2015-08-051-3/+3
* Fix style(9) bugs.Jung-uk Kim2015-08-041-6/+5
* Always define __va_list for amd64 and restore pre-r232261 behavior for i386.Jung-uk Kim2015-08-041-2/+11
* Rename __wchar_t so it no longer conflicts with __wchar_t from clang 3.4Tijl Coosemans2014-04-011-1/+1
* Make the wchar_t type machine dependent.Andrew Turner2012-06-241-0/+4
* Consitently use "__LP64__".David E. O'Brien2012-05-241-4/+4
* Copy amd64 _types.h to x86 and merge with i386 _types.h. Replace existingTijl Coosemans2012-02-281-0/+160