path: root/tools/build/cross-build
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* Fix more -Wundef warnings during bootstrapAlex Richardson2020-10-141-5/+0
* Fix dtrace tools bootstrap on non-FreeBSD after OpenZFS importAlex Richardson2020-09-195-51/+17
* Add necessary Makefile.inc1 infrastructure for building on non-FreeBSDAlex Richardson2020-08-252-0/+49
* Add missing FreeBSD functions to -legacy when building on macOS/LinuxAlex Richardson2020-08-257-0/+585
* Add Linux/macOS compatibility system headers to tools/build/cross-buildAlex Richardson2020-08-2566-0/+3849
* Allow building mkimg as cross-toolSimon J. Gerraty2017-03-032-0/+38
* Add hacks that I use to test cross-builds (by building onRuslan Ermilov2005-03-023-0/+19