path: root/tools/build/mk/OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc
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* Remove manpages from OLD_FILESFernando ApesteguĂ­a2021-07-221-2/+0
* Merge llvm-project 12.0.1 rc2Dimitry Andric2021-06-191-289/+289
* Merge llvm-project 12.0.0 releaseDimitry Andric2021-06-131-0/+11
* Merge llvm-project main llvmorg-12-init-17869-g8e464dd76befDimitry Andric2021-06-131-282/+289
* Remove svnlite.John Baldwin2021-06-111-29/+0
* Add C++ headers <barrier> <concepts> <execution> <latch> <numbers> <semaphore>Dimitry Andric2021-06-031-16/+27
* Move GH_BC ObsoleteFiles.inc section to OptionalObsoleteFiles.incDimitry Andric2021-03-201-0/+8
* Remove the usr/tests/usr.bin/yacc/yacc directory when removing yacc.John Baldwin2021-03-031-0/+1
* Remove fmtree(8)Kyle Evans2021-03-021-5/+0
* Remove the MK_LIBCPLUSPLUS optionAlex Richardson2021-02-011-1/+1
* ndis(4): remove as previous announcedBrooks Davis2021-01-251-8/+0
* build: remove LIBPTHREAD/LIBTHR build optionsKyle Evans2021-01-221-7/+0
* Add libclang_rt.profile-powerpc64le.a to (Optional)?ObsoleteFiles.incDimitry Andric2021-01-161-0/+1
* Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmpDimitry Andric2021-01-031-281/+281
* build: remove the option to build gnugrepKyle Evans2020-12-251-26/+0
* Retire obsolete GDB 6.1.1Ed Maste2020-12-151-5/+0
* ping: add a ping6 hard link for backwards compatibilityAlan Somers2020-11-261-0/+2
* Merge ping6 to pingAlan Somers2020-11-261-3/+0
* Ensure make delete-old does not unlink the llvm-cxxfilt and its manpage,Dimitry Andric2020-11-151-2/+5
* libbe(3): install MLINKS for all of the functions providedKyle Evans2020-10-181-0/+35
* phttpget: move out of portsnapKyle Evans2020-09-091-2/+5
* Ensure zpool-features(5) doesn't get removed by make delete-old.Dimitry Andric2020-09-031-1/+1
* Update OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc for added and removed clang 11.0.0Dimitry Andric2020-08-151-267/+281
* Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmpDimitry Andric2020-06-281-0/+6
* Follow-up to r362679, add more entries to OptionalObsoleteFiles.incDimitry Andric2020-06-271-0/+4
* Regenerate ReStructuredText based manpages for llvm-project tools:Dimitry Andric2020-06-271-0/+1
* Add WITH_CLANG_FORMAT optionConrad Meyer2020-06-241-1/+4
* Retire BINUTILS and BINUTILS_BOOTSTRAP optionsEd Maste2020-06-071-208/+0
* Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmpDimitry Andric2020-05-231-267/+267
* libalias: retire cuseeme supportEd Maste2020-05-161-1/+0
* Don't remove ubsec(4) manual page for WITHOUT_USB=yes.John Baldwin2020-05-151-1/+0
* OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc: remove objdumpEd Maste2020-05-071-2/+0
* Due to popular demand, revert r360102.Cy Schubert2020-04-191-7/+4
* Conditionally install Kerberos rc files based on MK_KERBEROS_SCRIPTSCy Schubert2020-04-191-4/+7
* drop GDB_LIBEXEC option (now always true)Ed Maste2020-03-301-10/+1
* [PowerPC] Switch powerpc and powerpcspe to lldBrandon Bergren2020-03-271-4/+1
* Import the kyua test framework.Brooks Davis2020-03-231-0/+25
* Add missing DTrace files for WITHOUT_CDDL=yes.John Baldwin2020-03-171-0/+96
* Remove /usr/share/snmp/defs/tc.def with delete-old if MK_BSNMP == noEnji Cooper2020-03-121-0/+1
* Merge ^/head r358731 through r358831.Dimitry Andric2020-03-101-24/+0
| * retire amd(8)Ed Maste2020-03-091-24/+0
* | Merge ^/head r358400 through r358465.Dimitry Andric2020-02-291-637/+1
| * remove GCC 4.2.1 build infrastructureEd Maste2020-02-291-637/+1
* | * Bump version numbers to 10.0.0Dimitry Andric2020-01-251-250/+267
* When MK_CASPER=no is set remove files which are not needed to run system.Mariusz Zaborski2020-01-201-0/+9
* Even when the MK_CASPER is set to "no" we still want to install man pagesMariusz Zaborski2020-01-201-13/+0
* Those files are already removed in ObsoleteFiles.\Mariusz Zaborski2020-01-201-39/+0
* Provide libssp based on libcKyle Evans2020-01-041-35/+0
* Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmpDimitry Andric2019-12-221-251/+250
* libclang_rt: enable on powerpc*Dimitry Andric2019-11-231-0/+2