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* 5589 improper use of NULL in tools/ctfMark Johnston2015-03-093-7/+5
* 3363 Mark non-returning functions in ctftoolsXin LI2014-12-061-4/+4
* Update vendor/illumos to illumos-gate 13754:7231b684c18bMartin Matuska2012-08-191-6/+38
* Update vendor-sys/illumos/dist to illumos-gate 13752:9f5f6c52ba19Martin Matuska2012-07-181-3/+83
* Update vendor/illumos/dist to pre libzfs_core state (dtrace and ctf part)Martin Matuska2012-07-181-4/+5
* Update DTrace userland code to the latest available.vendor/opensolaris/20100802Rui Paulo2010-08-025-31/+83
* Vendor import of the full userland contrib part of DTrace support fromvendor/opensolaris/20080410aJohn Birrell2008-04-2626-527/+394
* Vendor import of the CTF (Compact C Type Format) code used by DTraceJohn Birrell2008-04-2540-0/+13733