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* Merge llvm-project main llvmorg-14-init-17616-g024a1fab5c35Dimitry Andric2022-05-141-6/+1
* Merge llvm-project main llvmorg-13-init-16847-g88e66fa60ae5Dimitry Andric2021-11-131-1/+3
* ncurses: chase dependency changes in the source treeBaptiste Daroussin2021-10-041-1/+1
* Allow bootstrapping llvm-tblgen on macOS and LinuxAlex Richardson2021-08-021-0/+2
* Update Makefiles under lib/clang and usr.bin/clang for 11.0.0 builds,Dimitry Andric2020-08-061-1/+0
* Update build glue for lld (MK_LLD=yes). Also update invocation ofDimitry Andric2020-01-261-0/+2
* Move all sources from the llvm project into contrib/llvm-project.Dimitry Andric2019-12-201-3/+4
* Ensure lld respects the WITH/WITHOUT_SHARED_TOOLCHAIN optionDimitry Andric2019-10-161-0/+4
* Update build glue for a build of clang plus lld (enabled via MK_LLD).Dimitry Andric2019-08-241-1/+2
* Remove customizations in #includes of Options.inc, and adjust lldDimitry Andric2019-01-221-6/+7
* Update lld build glue to make MK_LLD=yes work.Dimitry Andric2019-01-211-1/+3
* lld: use now-upstream ld.lld.1Ed Maste2018-08-021-1/+2
* Update build glue to make WITH_LLD work.Dimitry Andric2018-08-021-0/+2
* Remove SRCS for files that have been deleted upstream.Dimitry Andric2018-07-311-1/+0
* Rework how the ld link is handled in WORLDTMP from r322811.Bryan Drewery2018-06-201-1/+2
* Merge ^/head r327624 through r327885.Dimitry Andric2018-01-121-1/+2
| * lld: introduce basic man pageEd Maste2018-01-101-1/+2
* | Next step in updating llvm/clang build glue: make lld build.Dimitry Andric2017-12-221-4/+9
* Merge llvm, clang, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ r306956, and updateDimitry Andric2017-07-021-0/+1
* Merge llvm, clang, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ r306325, and updateDimitry Andric2017-06-271-1/+1
* Merge llvm, clang, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ r305575, and updateDimitry Andric2017-06-171-0/+10
* Merge llvm, clang, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ r303197, and updateDimitry Andric2017-05-161-1/+0
* Merge llvm, clang, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ r302418, and updateDimitry Andric2017-05-081-0/+1
* Strip out a few objects from libclang, liblldb and lldb, which are notDimitry Andric2017-04-211-2/+0
* Add new objects to usr.bin/clang/lld for the MK_LLD=yes case.Dimitry Andric2017-04-181-1/+5
* Merge ^/head r312720 through r312893.Dimitry Andric2017-01-271-1/+1
| * Rename LLD_AS_LD to LLD_IS_LD, for consistency with CLANG_IS_CCEd Maste2017-01-271-1/+1
* | Fix double-dollar typo in lld Makefile.Dimitry Andric2017-01-041-1/+1
* | Update lld Makefile.Dimitry Andric2017-01-041-1/+5
* | Initial updates to llvm/clang build glue.Dimitry Andric2017-01-031-1/+0
* Fix packaging for clang, lldb and lld 3.9.0Dimitry Andric2016-11-281-0/+1
* Add WITH_LLD_AS_LD build knobEd Maste2016-11-251-0/+5
* Correct lld llvm-tblgen dependency file nameEd Maste2016-11-251-1/+1
* lld: use ${SRCDIR} instead of ${.CURDIR}-relative pathEd Maste2016-09-281-2/+2
* Fix sneaky typo in lld's Makefile: s/OBJOP/OBJTOP/Dimitry Andric2016-09-101-1/+1
* Add lld MakefileEd Maste2016-08-301-0/+69