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* -mdoc sweep.Ruslan Ermilov2005-11-181-16/+7
* supported an ndp command suboption to disable IPv6 in the given interfaceSUZUKI Shinsuke2005-10-191-0/+13
* added an ioctl option in kernel so that ndp/rtadvd can change some NDP-relate...SUZUKI Shinsuke2005-10-191-8/+21
* Fixed the misplaced $FreeBSD$.Ruslan Ermilov2005-02-091-1/+2
* Fixed xref.Ruslan Ermilov2005-01-211-1/+1
* Added the EXIT STATUS section where appropriate.Ruslan Ermilov2005-01-171-1/+1
* Markup and grammar nits.Ruslan Ermilov2004-06-051-31/+23
* Trim whitespace at EOL.Ruslan Ermilov2004-06-041-1/+1
* - make command line argument parsing POSIX compliant. comment fromHajimu UMEMOTO2003-11-131-54/+109
* introduced a flag bit "ND6_IFF_ACCEPT_RTADV" in the nd_ifinfo structure toHajimu UMEMOTO2003-08-051-0/+11
* Fix typos, mostly s/ an / a / where appropriate and a few s/an/and/Jens Schweikhardt2002-12-301-1/+1
* The .Nm utilityPhilippe Charnier2002-07-141-3/+3
* mdoc(7) police:Ruslan Ermilov2001-08-071-1/+1
* Sync with recent KAME.Hajimu UMEMOTO2001-06-111-10/+11
* mdoc(7) police: split punctuation characters + misc fixes.Ruslan Ermilov2001-02-011-2/+2
* mdoc(7) police: use the new features of the Nm macro.Ruslan Ermilov2000-11-201-13/+13
* sync with latest kame treeJun-ichiro itojun Hagino2000-07-041-6/+47
* Slight grammar and white-space modification.Alexey Zelkin2000-04-201-3/+5
* libipsec and IPsec related apps. (and some KAME related man pages)Yoshinobu Inoue2000-01-061-0/+138