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* usr.sbin: Remove ancient SCCS tags.Warner Losh6 days1-1/+0
* Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line sh patternWarner Losh2023-08-161-1/+0
* sendmail: silence K&R warnsMateusz Guzik2023-03-161-0/+2
* Merge sendmail 8.16.1 to HEAD: See contrib/sendmail/RELEASE_NOTES for detailsGregory Neil Shapiro2020-07-151-2/+2
| * Import sendmail-8.9.1 (slightly trimmed) onto a fresh branch undervendor/sendmail/8.9.1Peter Wemm1998-08-031-55/+0
| * Import sendmail-8.8.2 onto the vendor branchPeter Wemm1996-10-241-3/+13
* | usr.sbin: normalize paths using SRCTOP-relative paths or :H when possibleEnji Cooper2017-03-041-2/+2
* | Conditionalize wrap(3) use based on MK_TCP_WRAPPERS instead ofEnji Cooper2017-01-061-2/+7
* | Create a package for sendmail(8).Glen Barber2016-02-081-0/+1
* | Use LIBEXECDIR for /usr/libexec.Bryan Drewery2015-11-261-1/+1
* | META MODE: Don't create .meta files when symlinking sources into the obj dire...Bryan Drewery2015-11-251-2/+2
* | Temporarily disable WARNS while addressing a non-issue with the upstream codeGregory Neil Shapiro2015-07-071-1/+1
* | Convert usr.sbin to LIBADDBaptiste Daroussin2014-11-251-13/+2
* | Revert r267233 for now. PIE support needs to be reworked.Bryan Drewery2014-08-191-2/+0
* | In preparation for ASLR [1] support add WITH_PIE to support building with -fPIE.Bryan Drewery2014-06-081-0/+2
* | When building picobsd, define WITHOUT_OPENSSL and WITHOUT_KERBEROS andWarner Losh2014-06-061-1/+1
* | Use src.opts.mk in preference to bsd.own.mk except where we need stuffWarner Losh2014-05-061-1/+1
* | Since clang 3.2 now has an option to suppress warnings about implicitlyDimitry Andric2013-02-161-5/+0
* | Define several extra macros in bsd.sys.mk and sys/conf/kern.pre.mk, toDimitry Andric2012-02-281-3/+1
* | Unfortunately, clang gives warnings about sendmail code that cannot beDimitry Andric2011-12-191-0/+7
* | Lower WARNS for sendmail.Ed Schouten2010-01-031-1/+1
* | The last big commit: let usr.sbin/ use WARNS=6 by default.Ed Schouten2010-01-021-0/+2
* | This FFR is no longer needed in sendmail 8.14Gregory Neil Shapiro2007-04-091-1/+1
* | Catch up with share/mk/bsd.sys.mk rev. 1.38.David E. O'Brien2006-09-261-1/+0
* | Reimplementation of world/kernel build options. For details, see:Ruslan Ermilov2006-03-171-3/+5
* | Make links for hoststat(8) and purgestat(8) man pages.Gregory Neil Shapiro2005-08-171-0/+2
* | Remove kludges intended to support src trees with partial obj trees.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2005-06-101-12/+4
* | NOINET6 -> NO_INET6Ruslan Ermilov2004-12-211-1/+1
* | NOCRYPT -> NO_CRYPTRuslan Ermilov2004-12-211-1/+1
* | Enable _FFR_DEAL_WITH_ERROR_SSL to deal with OpenSSL error returns of 0.Gregory Neil Shapiro2004-12-101-1/+1
* | Add knob NO_NIS (fka NO_YP_LIBC) and make world compileable when set.Bjoern A. Zeeb2004-11-131-0/+2
* | Join the 21st century: Cryptography is no longer an optional componentColin Percival2004-08-061-1/+0
* | Reflect changes in sendmail 8.13 source treeGregory Neil Shapiro2004-08-011-4/+4
* | Honor NOINET6 and disable IPv6 support in libmilter and sendmail if itGregory Neil Shapiro2004-06-011-1/+5
* | Don't check for the existance of src/crypto/ for building items thatMark Murray2003-07-241-2/+1
* | Remove MAINTAINER= lines from individual Makefiles in favor of theGregory Neil Shapiro2003-07-071-2/+0
* | CSTD=c89 due to mismatched declarations.David E. O'Brien2003-06-021-0/+1
* | Retire the useless NOSECURE knob.Dag-Erling Smørgrav2003-05-191-3/+2
* | style.Makefile(5)David E. O'Brien2003-04-041-1/+1
* | No need for the OPENSSL_NO_KRB5 switch anymore.Mark Murray2003-01-311-1/+0
* | iAdjust for OpenSSL 0.9.7.Mark Murray2003-01-281-0/+1
* | Update build infrastructure for sendmail 8.12.Gregory Neil Shapiro2002-02-171-17/+27
* | Set BINOWN=root explicitly for setuid root binaries.Ruslan Ermilov2001-09-141-0/+1
* | Convert to using the same method of detecting the secure directory as otherGregory Neil Shapiro2001-08-031-2/+3
* | Perform a major cleanup of the usr.sbin Makefiles.David E. O'Brien2001-07-201-13/+11
* | - Backout botched attempt to introduce MANSECT feature.Ruslan Ermilov2001-03-261-3/+1
* | Move installation of sendmail helpfile into etc/sendmail/Makefile. It isGregory Neil Shapiro2001-03-011-4/+0
* | Move creation of the sendmail statistics file from the usr.sbin/sendmailGregory Neil Shapiro2001-02-221-2/+0
* | Add a MAINTAINER= line so people know who to blameGregory Neil Shapiro2000-10-261-0/+2
* | Fix up the build for the STARTTLS version of sendmail (again). This methodGregory Neil Shapiro2000-10-241-0/+9