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* When hexdumping a RIP entry, type cast the bytes to unsigned first. NotDavid Greenman1994-02-101-3/+3
* Fixed bug in decoding of RIP packets. RIP data is in "osockaddr" format;David Greenman1994-02-101-2/+28
* Fix size of il (interleave) array.Andrey A. Chernov1994-02-101-1/+1
* Add interleave > 1 support by Poul-Henning Kamp.Andrey A. Chernov1994-02-102-10/+17
* Fix mkversion script so that it finds the top-level VERSION fileGarrett Wollman1994-02-061-1/+4
* Use uname(2) to get OS name and arch.Garrett Wollman1994-02-032-15/+11
* Eliminate compilation warning.Garrett Wollman1994-02-031-0/+2
* Compile in all refclocks that will compile, since they don't take upGarrett Wollman1994-02-031-4/+4
* Merged changes along vendor branch into locally-modified files.Garrett Wollman1994-02-034-19/+17
* This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r1081,Garrett Wollman1994-02-03136-1197/+3581
| * xntpd version 3.3z from UDelGarrett Wollman1994-02-03139-1215/+3597
* | We got now floppy formatterAndrey A. Chernov1994-01-263-0/+506
* | Added necessary include files to define KERNBASE due to VM changes.Nate Williams1994-01-191-1/+6
* | Cleaning house.Jordan K. Hubbard1994-01-062-6/+162
* | Put back refclock_omega.c, it was in the sources but some how did notRodney W. Grimes1993-12-231-2/+2
* | Needed to change the LDADD+= and DPADD+= depending on if obj directoriesRodney W. Grimes1993-12-229-29/+103
* | Definitions taken from original machines/freebsd.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+7
* | Expanded.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+1
* | Deleted old configuration grot and added BSD-style Makefile. AddedGarrett Wollman1993-12-219-363/+83
* | Converted to BSD-style Makefile.Garrett Wollman1993-12-212-0/+40
* | Don't build getopt: it conflicts with our standard getopt.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-2/+2
* | Convert tickadj to use BSD-style Makefile. Don't bother with theGarrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+20
* | Converted to use Berkeley-style makefiles, and configured all clocks onGarrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+19
* | Add BSD-style Makefile for ntptrace.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+20
* | Convert ntpq to BSD-style makefile.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+20
* | Add BSD-style Makefile for libntp, and make the ``exportable'' versionGarrett Wollman1993-12-212-0/+30
* | Create BSD-style makefile for ntpdate.Garrett Wollman1993-12-211-0/+20
* | This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r893,Garrett Wollman1993-12-21410-0/+101569
| * xntpd 3.3b from UDelvendor/ntpd/udel_33BGarrett Wollman1993-12-21410-0/+101569
* If require script fails, don't try to delete installed package.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-10-101-3/+3
* Added files necessary for automating packing of distributions.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-10-104-0/+26
* Fix problems with executing from current directoryJordan K. Hubbard1993-10-082-7/+7
* Import NetBSD version of dbsym (below is rlog of there version), and addRodney W. Grimes1993-09-262-12/+72
* Now works with/without obj directoriesNate Williams1993-09-204-4/+8
* Finally stuck a version number on this thing! :)Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-191-0/+1
* Added code for doing % sequence expansion, added new @unexec command.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-183-5/+84
* Doc new % sequence expansion for command execution.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-182-7/+52
* Make sure permissions on registry location are readable by pkg_info.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-182-6/+10
* Include <rpc/rpc.h> instead of various individual <rpc/*.h> header filesJ.T. Conklin1993-09-153-22/+6
* Fixed broken -t flag; thanks Rich!Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-141-2/+2
* Whoops - got the exclude flag wrong, try again.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-121-4/+7
* Fixed an embarassing bug with @owner, @mode & @groupJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-121-3/+3
* Added and doc'd -X flag to pkg_create that allows you to specify an excludeJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-124-2/+26
* Rudementary READMEJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-081-0/+4
* Added two new options, one of which is fairly far reaching:Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-085-15/+81
* Nailed one last lurking ^L.Jordan K. Hubbard1993-09-071-1/+1
* Fixed bug in copying script files from absolute locationsJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-061-2/+8
* Doc'd option for current directory prefix in @execJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-061-4/+5
* Added option for current directory prefix in @exec (without which it's prettyJordan K. Hubbard1993-09-061-1/+1
* Added -DPPP so that tcpdump understands pppRodney W. Grimes1993-09-061-1/+1