BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainvirtio-modern: fix PCI common read/write functions on big endian targetsAlfredo Dal'Ava Junior73 min.
stable/13mprutil: add big endian supportAlfredo Dal'Ava Junior79 min.
stable/12ioccom: define ioctl cmd value that can never be validKonstantin Belousov6 hours
vendor/sqlite3sqlite3: Vendor import of sqlite3 3.35.5Cy Schubert11 hours
stable/11arcmsr(4): Fix SCSI command timeout on ARC-1886.Xin LI2 days
vendor/lessVendor import of less v581.2.Xin LI5 days
vendor/bcVendor import of Gavin D. Howards bc version 4.0.1Stefan Eßer12 days
vendor/opensshVendor import of OpenSSH 8.6p1Ed Maste13 days
vendor/llvm-project/release-12.xVendor import of llvm-project branch release/12.x llvmorg-12.0.0-0-gd28af7c65...Dimitry Andric2 weeks
stable/10Avoid -pedantic warnings about using _Generic in __fp_type_selectDimitry Andric3 weeks
vendor/openzfsUpdate vendor/openzfs to openzfs/zfs/master@3522f57b6Martin Matuska3 weeks
vendor/wpawpa: Import wpa_supplicant/hostapd commit f91680c15Cy Schubert3 weeks
vendor/google/capsicum-testUpdate capsicum-test to ea66424d921bb393539b298c108a46edee5c3051Mark Johnston4 weeks
releng/13.013.0: update to RELEASEGlen Barber4 weeks
releng/12.2Correct EN numbers in the most recent UPDATING entryMark Johnston4 weeks
releng/11.4Add UPDATING entries and bump versionMark Johnston4 weeks
vendor/acpicaImport ACPICA 20210331.Jung-uk Kim5 weeks
vendor/NetBSD/libeditlibedit: vendor import snapshot 2021-03-28Baptiste Daroussin6 weeks
vendor/opensslImport OpenSSL 1.1.1k.Jung-uk Kim6 weeks
vendor/device-treeImport devicetree files from Linux 5.11Emmanuel Vadot6 weeks
vendor/libucllibucl: import latest snapshot from 2021-03-14Baptiste Daroussin7 weeks
vendor/tcshImport 6.22.03-ceccc7fDmitry Chagin8 weeks
vendor/dialogdialog: vendor import version 1.3-20210117Baptiste Daroussin2 months
vendor/ncursesVendor import ncurses 6.2-20210220Baptiste Daroussin2 months
vendor/libcxxrtImport libcxxrt master 8049924686b8414d8e652cbd2a52c763b48e8456Dimitry Andric3 months
vendor/llvm-project/mainVendor import of llvm-project main 8e464dd76bef, the last commit beforeDimitry Andric3 months
vendor/subversionVendor import svn-1.14.1.Dimitry Andric3 months
vendor/NetBSD/bmakeImport bmake-20210206Simon J. Gerraty3 months
vendor/unboundVendor import of Unbound 1.13.1.Cy Schubert3 months
releng/12.1Add UPDATING entry and bump versionEd Maste3 months
vendor/atfVendor import of atf commit ca73d08c3fc1ecffc1f1c97458c31ab82c12bb01Alex Richardson3 months
vendor/tzdataImport tzdata 2021aPhilip Paeps3 months
vendor/llvm-project/release-11.xVendor import of llvm-project branch release/11.xDimitry Andric4 months
vendor/pngliteInitial import of vendor/pngliteToomas Soome4 months
vendor/terminusimport terminus-font-4.48Toomas Soome4 months
vendor/libarchiveUpdate vendor/libarchive/dist to 227a4b9719a7fbeba6ba46e377ff7d953f405cd5Martin Matuska4 months
vendor/luaImport lua 5.4.2Kyle Evans4 months
vendor/zstdImport zstd 1.4.8Conrad Meyer4 months
vendor/openpamMerge upstream r948: fix race condition in openpam_ttyconv(3).Dag-Erling Smørgrav6 months
vendor/ena-comUpgrade ENA HAL to the latest version (26/10/20)Marcin Wojtas6 months
vendor/nviImport nvi 2.2.0-05ed8b9Baptiste Daroussin7 months
releng/11.3Add UPDATING entries and bump version.Gordon Tetlow8 months
vendor/lib9pImport lib9p 9d5aee77bcc1bf0e79b0a3bfefff5fdf2146283c.Jakub Wojciech Klama8 months
vendor/NetBSD/testsnetbsd-tests: import fix for a libexecinfo warning at higher WARNSKyle Evans8 months
stable/9MFC r363988:Dimitry Andric9 months
vendor/pcg-cImport PCG-C master, 2019-07-18 (83252d9c23df9c82ecb42210afed61a7b42402d7)Conrad Meyer9 months
vendor/llvm-project/masterVendor import of llvm-project master 2e10b7a39b9, the last commit beforeDimitry Andric9 months
vendor/sendmailBring in fix from upstream that allows libsm to compile against FreeBSD 13Gregory Neil Shapiro10 months
stable/7MFC r362623:Dimitry Andric10 months
stable/8MFC r362623:Dimitry Andric10 months
vendor/llvm-project/release-10.xVendor import of llvm-project branch release/10.xDimitry Andric10 months
vendor/ntpImport ntp-4.2.8p15.Cy Schubert10 months
vendor/byaccImport byacc 20200330.Jung-uk Kim10 months
vendor/flexImport flex 2.6.4.Jung-uk Kim11 months
vendor/fileVendor import of file 5.39.Xin LI11 months
vendor/blocklistblocklist: update to 2020-06-15 snapshotEd Maste11 months
vendor/opencsdImport OpenCSD v0.14.2Andrew Turner11 months
vendor/edk2Import edk2-stable202005Mitchell Horne11 months
vendor/aprVendor import apr-1.7.0Dimitry Andric11 months
vendor/google/googletestBackport a -Wsign-compare fix for `ArrayAsVector`Enji Cooper13 months
vendor/bsnmpImport version 1.14 of bsnmp. This mainly consists of bug fixesHartmut Brandt13 months
vendor/openbsmOpenBSM: import ee79d73e8df5: auditreduce: add a zone filterKyle Evans13 months
vendor/xzVendor import of xz-5.2.5 (trimmed).Xin LI14 months
vendor/kyuaImport the kyua testing framework for infrastructure softwareBrooks Davis14 months
vendor/lutokImport lutok, a Lightweight C++ API for Lua.Brooks Davis14 months
releng/12.0Add UPDATING entries and bump version.Gordon Tetlow15 months
vendor/Juniper/libxoImport libxo 1.4.0Phil Shafer15 months
vendor/llvm-project/release-9.xRemove files from vendor/llvm-project/release-9.x which are unused, andDimitry Andric16 months
vendor/openssl-1.0.2Import OpenSSL 1.0.2u.Jung-uk Kim16 months
vendor/llvm-project/release-8.xEliminate differences between Git version of llvm-project release/8.x,Dimitry Andric17 months
vendor/libpcapFix libpcap issue #893: check for invalid IPv4 addresses.Cy Schubert17 months
vendor/expatVendor import of expat 2.2.9Xin LI17 months
vendor/illumosdisabled resilver_defer feature leads to looping resilversAndriy Gapon18 months
vendor/openresolvImport openresolv 3.9.2Pedro F. Giffuni18 months
vendor/NetBSD/blacklistVendor import of NetBSD's external/bsd/blacklist @ 20191106Ed Maste18 months
vendor/llvm-openmpVendor import of stripped LLVM openmp trunk r375505, the last commitDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/lldbVendor import of stripped lldb trunk r375505, the last commit before theDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/lldVendor import of stripped lld trunk r375505, the last commit before theDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/llvm-libunwindVendor import of stripped LLVM libunwind trunk r375505, the last commitDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/libc++Vendor import of stripped libc++ trunk r375505, the last commit beforeDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/compiler-rtVendor import of stripped compiler-rt trunk r375505, the last commitDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/clangVendor import of stripped clang trunk r375505, the last commit beforeDimitry Andric18 months
vendor/llvmVendor import of stripped llvm trunk r375505, the last commit before theDimitry Andric18 months
releng/11.2Import tzdata 2019c.Gordon Tetlow18 months
vendor/tcpdumpVendor import of tcpdump 4.9.3Philip Paeps19 months
vendor/lldb-90Vendor import of lldb 9.0.0 release r372316:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/clang-90Vendor import of clang 9.0.0 release r372316:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/llvm-90Vendor import of llvm 9.0.0 release r372316:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/lld-90Vendor import of lld release_90 branch r371301:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/libc++-90Vendor import of libc++ release_90 branch r370514:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/compiler-rt-90Vendor import of compiler-rt release_90 branch r370514:Dimitry Andric20 months
vendor/zlibImport vendor commit 38e8ce32afbaa82f67d992b9f3056f281fe69259:Xin LI20 months
vendor/llvm-openmp-90Vendor import of stripped LLVM openmp trunk r366426 (just before theDimitry Andric21 months
vendor/llvm-libunwind-90Vendor import of stripped LLVM libunwind trunk r366426 (just before theDimitry Andric21 months
vendor/bzip2Vendor import bzip2 -- upgrade to version 1.0.8.Xin LI21 months
vendor/mandocImport mandoc snapshot 2019-07-23Baptiste Daroussin21 months
vendor/llvm-libunwind-80Vendor import of LLVM libunwind 8.0.1 release r366581:Dimitry Andric22 months
vendor/clang-80Vendor import of clang 8.0.1 release r366581:Dimitry Andric22 months
vendor/llvm-openmp-80Vendor import of LLVM openmp release_80 branch r364487:Dimitry Andric22 months
vendor/lldb-80Vendor import of lldb release_80 branch r364487:Dimitry Andric22 months
vendor/lld-80Vendor import of lld release_80 branch r364487:Dimitry Andric22 months
vendor/elftoolchainImport ELF Tool Chain snapshot at r3769Ed Maste22 months
vendor/libc++-80Vendor import of libc++ release_80 branch r363030:Dimitry Andric23 months
vendor/compiler-rt-80Vendor import of compiler-rt release_80 branch r363030:Dimitry Andric23 months
vendor/llvm-80Vendor import of llvm release_80 branch r363030:Dimitry Andric23 months
vendor/one-true-awkImport latest one-true-awk from upstreamWarner Losh23 months
vendor/libfdtImport libfdt from dtc 1.5.0Kyle Evans23 months
vendor/netcatImport netcat from OpenBSD 6.5.Dag-Erling Smørgrav24 months
vendor/bearsslImport bearssl-6433cc2Simon J. Gerraty2 years
vendor/clang-70Vendor import of clang 7.0.1 release r349250:Dimitry Andric2 years
vendor/libc++-70Vendor import of libc++ release_70 branch r348686:Dimitry Andric2 years
vendor/llvm-70Vendor import of llvm release_70 branch r348686:Dimitry Andric2 years
vendor/lldb-70Vendor import of lldb release_70 branch r348011:Dimitry Andric2 years
vendor/ckImport CK as of 21d3e319407d19dece16ee317c757ffc54a452bc, which makes itsMarius Strobl2 years
vendor/lld-70Vendor import of lld release_70 branch r346007:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/apr-utilVendor import apr-util-1.6.1Peter Wemm3 years
vendor/serfVendor import serf-1.3.9 (now Apache serf)Peter Wemm3 years
releng/11.1Fix small kernel memory disclosures. [EN-18:12.mem]Gordon Tetlow3 years
releng/10.4Fix small kernel memory disclosures. [EN-18:12.mem]Gordon Tetlow3 years
vendor/libeventImport libevent 2.1.18Ed Maste3 years
vendor/compiler-rt-70Vendor import of compiler-rt release_70 branch r341916:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/tzdbvendor/tzdb: reimport IANA database+code in a standard layoutEitan Adler3 years
vendor/lldb-60Vendor import of lldb 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/lld-60Vendor import of lld 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/libc++-60Vendor import of libc++ 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/compiler-rt-60Vendor import of compiler-rt 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/clang-60Vendor import of clang 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
vendor/llvm-60Vendor import of llvm 6.0.1 release r335540:Dimitry Andric3 years
releng/10.3Fix multiple small kernel memory disclosures. [EN-18:04.mem]Gordon Tetlow3 years
vendor/heimdalImport Heimdal 7.5.0.Hiroki Sato3 years
vendor/krb5Import MIT KRB5 1.16.Cy Schubert3 years
vendor/dtcImport dtc 1.4.6Kyle Evans3 years
releng/11.0Fix multiple vulnerabilities of OpenSSL.Xin LI3 years
vendor/NetBSD/libc-visVendor import of NetBSD's (un)vis(3) at 2017-11-27Brooks Davis3 years
vendor/ctfdumpImport ctfdump from OpenBSD (ISC license)Baptiste Daroussin4 years
vendor/pjdfstestPull down pjdfstest 0.1Enji Cooper4 years
vendor/dmaImport dma snapshot from git 2017-02-10Baptiste Daroussin4 years
vendor/ldnsimport ldns 1.7.0Dag-Erling Smørgrav4 years
vendor/heirloom-doctoolsImport heirloom doctools 2016-11-06Baptiste Daroussin4 years
releng/9.3Fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp.Xin LI4 years
releng/10.2Fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp.Xin LI4 years
releng/10.1Fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp.Xin LI4 years
vendor/bind9Vendor import of BIND 9.9.9-P4.Xin LI5 years
vendor/openssl-1.0.1Import OpenSSL 1.0.1u.Jung-uk Kim5 years
vendor/alpine-halUpdate Annapurna Alpine HALWojciech Macek5 years
vendor/cortex-stringsRemove generated files that shouldn't have been addedAndrew Turner5 years
vendor/amdImport am-utils 6.2,Cy Schubert5 years
vendor/libdivsufsortVendor import of libdivsufsort, a software library that implementsXin LI5 years
vendor/gccVendor GCC: Bring older verbatim version of cpuid.hPedro F. Giffuni5 years
vendor/ldns-hostupstream hg 06347b1f76feDag-Erling Smørgrav5 years
vendor/skeinImport Skein 1.3Allan Jude5 years
vendor/tnftpImport tnftp-20150912Pedro F. Giffuni5 years
vendor/openssl-0.9.8Import OpenSSL 0.9.8zh.Jung-uk Kim5 years
stable/6MFC of 290697,tzdata6:Edwin Groothuis5 years
vendor/pciidsUpdate PCIIDS databaseBaptiste Daroussin6 years
releng/8.4Fix a regression introduced with previous SA-15:16.opensslXin LI6 years
vendor/ficlUpdate to ficl 4.1.0 (latest release on sourceforge)Pedro F. Giffuni6 years
releng/10.0Fix integer overflow in IGMP protocol. [SA-15:04]Xin LI6 years
vendor/gdbGDB: Replace use of sprintf.Pedro F. Giffuni6 years
vendor/NetBSD/visImport vis(1) manpage fixes from NetBSDBaptiste Daroussin6 years
releng/9.2[SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite.Dag-Erling Smørgrav6 years
releng/9.1[SA-14:31] Fix multiple vulnerabilities in NTP suite.Dag-Erling Smørgrav6 years
vendor/NetBSD/mtreeVendor import of NetBSD's mtree(8) at 2014-10-28Brooks Davis7 years
vendor/resolverAdd missing break.Pedro F. Giffuni7 years
stable/4MFH r144419 (scottl): Add a manual page for the arcmsr driver.Devin Teske7 years
releng/8.3Fix TCP reassembly vulnerability.Xin LI7 years
vendor/xz-embeddedImport xz-embedded from git.Xin LI7 years
vendor/bind9-9.8Vendor import of BIND 9.8.7Erwin Lansing7 years
vendor/libyamlApply patch for CVE-2013-6393 [1] to fix heap-based buffer overflow whenBaptiste Daroussin7 years
vendor/ipfilterGrab ip_fil_freebsd.c r1.42 from the ipfilter CVS tree to fix,Cy Schubert8 years
vendor/ipfilter-sysGrab ip_fil_freebsd.c r1.42 from the ipfilter CVS tree to fix,Cy Schubert8 years
vendor/NetBSD/libexecinfoVendor import of NetBSD's libexecinfo at 2013-08-29Ed Maste8 years
vendor/misc-GNU/patchVirgin import of patch-2.5.9, the last official GPLv2 release.Pedro F. Giffuni8 years
vendor/ipfilter-sys-oldIn preparation for the upcoming ipfilter vendor code import,Cy Schubert8 years
vendor/v4lUpdate videodev2.h to the version from linux kernel Leidinger8 years
vendor/hypervImport Microsoft HyperV driver updatePeter Grehan8 years
vendor/libregexImport couple of important bug fixes from the upstream.Jung-uk Kim8 years
vendor/qcamain_open_halInitial import of the QCA qcamain_open_hal repository.Adrian Chadd8 years
releng/9.0Fix OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities. [13:03]Xin LI8 years
vendor/NetBSD/unvisVendor import of NetBSD's unvis(1) at 2013-02-21Brooks Davis8 years
releng/7.4Fix Denial of Service vulnerability in named(8) with DNS64. [13:01]Bjoern A. Zeeb8 years
vendor/NetBSD/mknodVendor import of pack_dev.* from NetBSD's mknod at 2012-12-21Brooks Davis8 years
vendor/bind9-9.6Vendor import of Bind 9.6-ESV-R8Erwin Lansing8 years
vendor/NetBSD/libc-pwcacheVendor import of NetBSD's pwcache(3) as of 2012-10-05Brooks Davis9 years
releng/8.2Fix named(8) DNSSEC validation Denial of Service.Simon L. B. Nielsen9 years
releng/8.1Fix named(8) DNSSEC validation Denial of Service.Simon L. B. Nielsen9 years
vendor/groffCherry-pick vendor changes to mdoc:Ruslan Ermilov9 years
vendor/opensolarisUpdate vendor-sys/opensolaris to last OpenSolaris state (13149:b23a4dab3d50)Martin Matuska9 years
vendor/dtracetoolkitAdd the remaining scripts from the DTraceToolkit, version 0.99, to theGeorge V. Neville-Neil9 years
vendor/octeon-sdkImport Cavium Octeon SDK 2.3.0 Simple Executive from cnusers.org.Juli Mallett9 years
vendor/NetBSD/softfloatImport SoftFloat from NetBSD.David Schultz9 years
releng/7.3Extend the character set accepted by freebsd-update(8) in fileColin Percival9 years
vendor/gperfimport gperf 3.0.3 latest GPLv2Baptiste Daroussin9 years
vendor/bind9-9.4Vendor import of BIND 9.4-ESV-R5-P1Doug Barton9 years
vendor/com_err- Import com_err from heimdal 1.5.1 distribution. I used sources from GITStanislav Sedov10 years
vendor/NetBSD/lukemftpBootstrap lukemftp vendor areaGavin Atkinson10 years
vendor/tre- Trim some unnecessary filesGabor Kovesdan10 years
vendor/gdtoaImport gdtoa sources dated 2011-03-04. This version includes a numberDavid Schultz10 years
releng/7.1Fix a race condition exists in the OpenSSL TLS server extension code andSimon L. B. Nielsen10 years
releng/8.0Fix a race condition exists in the OpenSSL TLS server extension code andSimon L. B. Nielsen10 years
vendor/binutilsImport the binutils master branch from the sourceware CVS repository,Dimitry Andric11 years
vendor/tzcodeVendor import of tzcode2010n:Edwin Groothuis11 years
vendor/eeImport ee 1.5.2.Ed Schouten11 years
releng/6.4Fix an integer overflow in RLE length parsing when decompressingColin Percival11 years
releng/7.2Change the current working directory to be inside the jail created byColin Percival11 years
vendor/misc-GNU/sortFlattern tree.Xin LI11 years
vendor/testfloatInitial import of TestFloat 2a.Marius Strobl11 years
vendor/x86emuGrab revision 1.5 from OpenBSD's x86emu.c. This is a purely whitespaceXin LI11 years
stable/5MFC r176575:Xin LI11 years
releng/6.3Fix BIND named(8) cache poisoning with DNSSEC validation.Simon L. B. Nielsen11 years
vendor/pf-sysImport 4.5-002 fixMax Laier12 years
vendor/pferi@ wants to start on porting the latest pf in his user space so we canMax Laier12 years
vendor/topVendor import of top-3.8b1Edwin Groothuis12 years
releng/7.0Don't leak information via uninitialized space in db(3) records. [09:07]Colin Percival12 years
vendor/wpa_supplicantvendor import of 0.5.11Sam Leffler12 years
vendor/bind9-9.3Vendor import of BIND 9.3.6-P1Doug Barton12 years
vendor/libbegemotRemove the svn:keywords property from the vendor files.Hartmut Brandt12 years
vendor/athAdd missing files not committed with the latest vendor import.Rui Paulo13 years
vendor/misc-GNU/cpioImport heavily trimmed gnu cpio-2.8.Peter Wemm13 years
vendor/hostapdremove this; we now use private codeSam Leffler13 years
releng/6.2Fix logic error in sshd(8) concerning the handling of failedColin Percival13 years
releng/5.5Fix logic error in sshd(8) concerning the handling of failedColin Percival13 years
releng/6.1Fix logic error in sshd(8) concerning the handling of failedColin Percival13 years
vendor/misc-GNU/cvsImport of 1.11 branch snapshot - using the 10-March-2008 code base.David E. O'Brien13 years
stable/3MFC: rev 1.4: forward compatability with cvs-1.12 repositoryPeter Wemm13 years
vendor/libreadlineOfficial patches 3-7Andrey A. Chernov14 years
vendor/misc-GNU/diffRemove unused FSF source files.Xin LI14 years
vendor/ngatmVendor patch to remove some __inline qualifiers on non-static functionsHartmut Brandt14 years
vendor/csupFix a typo that caused the #undef directive to not actually undefineMaxime Henrion14 years
releng/6.0Correct problems with locking, namei leakage, and symlinkColin Percival14 years
releng/4.11Correct a signedness bug which allowed members of the operatorColin Percival14 years
vendor/pppdImport eui64.[ch] and ipv6cp.[ch] of ppp-2.3.11Hajimu UMEMOTO14 years
releng/5.4Correct multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSH.Simon L. B. Nielsen15 years
releng/5.3Correct multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSH.Simon L. B. Nielsen15 years
vendor/NetBSD/lukemftpdImport of LukeM's ftpd taken from the NetBSD CVS repo on 31-Aug-2006.David E. O'Brien15 years
vendor/OpenBSDImport OpenBSD's tip(1) as of todayRuslan Ermilov15 years
vendor/libuwxRemove files from the vendor branch that aren't part of BETA 10.Marcel Moolenaar15 years
releng/4.10Correct a bug in the handling of backslash characters in smbfs which canColin Percival15 years
releng/4.8o Merge FreeBSD-SA-06:14.fpu.Maxim Konovalov15 years
releng/4.9o Merge FreeBSD-SA-06:14.fpu.Maxim Konovalov15 years
vendor/nveUpdate the nForce MCP NIC bits. This is version 1.0-0310 23-Nov-2005.David E. O'Brien15 years
vendor/misc-GNU/texinfoRemoved files not present in v4.8 import.Ruslan Ermilov16 years
vendor/NetBSD/miscimport of parallel name resolution test.Hajimu UMEMOTO16 years
releng/5.2Mention FreeBSD-SA-05:03.amd64, bump patchlevel.Peter Wemm16 years
releng/5.1FreeBSD-SA-04:16.fetch:Colin Percival16 years
releng/4.7FreeBSD-SA-04:16.fetch:Colin Percival16 years
releng/5.0FreeBSD-SA-04:16.fetch:Colin Percival16 years
vendor/isc-dhcpImport ISC DHCP 3.0.1 client.Martin Blapp17 years
vendor/misc-GNU/grepImport GNU grep 2.5.1 (trimmed)Tim J. Robbins17 years
vendor/altqImport parts of the ALTQ framework from latest KAME snapshot (which is up toMax Laier17 years
vendor/SGIVirgin import of rhyolite.com routed v2.27Bruce M Simpson17 years
vendor/alsaVendor import emu10k1.h from version 1.0.1 of the ALSA driver.David E. O'Brien17 years
vendor/bindImport of ISC BIND version 8.3.7Doug Barton17 years
releng/4.4Correct a remote denial-of-service attack in named(8).Jacques Vidrine17 years
releng/4.5Correct a remote denial-of-service attack in named(8).Jacques Vidrine17 years
releng/4.6Correct a remote denial-of-service attack in named(8).Jacques Vidrine17 years
releng/4.3MFS Unbreak read/write behavior (introduced in previous revision).Jacques Vidrine18 years
vendor/ext2fsImport Linux's linux/include/asm-sparc64/bitopts.h.David E. O'Brien18 years
vendor/kerberosIVimport 1.29 to fix buffer overflow:Assar Westerlund19 years
stable/2.2MFC: fortune(6) datfilesJuli Mallett19 years
vendor/tracerouteVirgin import of LBL traceroute v1.4a12Bill Fenner19 years
vendor/smbfsImport smbfs 1.4.5. This release intended to fix problem with iconvBoris Popov19 years
vendor/NetBSD/xlintSnapshot of NetBSD's (x)lint. Little functionality, just some codeMark Murray19 years
vendor/pam_modulesVendor import of pam_passwdqc v0.5.Dag-Erling Smørgrav19 years
vendor/NetBSD/sortVirgin import of NetBSD's regression tests for sort(1).Dag-Erling Smørgrav19 years
vendor/opieVendor import of OPIE 2.4Mark Murray19 years
vendor/perl5Vendor import Perl 5.6.1Mark Murray19 years
vendor/misc-GNU/bcFix obscure bug in code loading support that could cause parsing ofSheldon Hearn19 years
vendor/lomacImport LOMAC preliminary release 2.0.0 in src/sys/security. These files mayBrian Feldman19 years
vendor/misc-GNU/awkI'd put down $10 says the author did a last minute tweak to awkgram.y (whichDavid E. O'Brien20 years
vendor/tcp_wrappersImport updated/clarified license for tcp_wrappers.Kris Kennaway20 years
vendor/libpamVendor import Linux PAM 0.75Mark Murray20 years
stable/2.1MFC: printf-style format fix. warn(string) -> warn("%s", string)Peter Wemm21 years
vendor/libgmpClean import the of libgmp 2.0.2 sparc bits.David E. O'Brien21 years
vendor/sym* The C1010 stepping B0 (Rev 1) tested OK for DT transfers without the U3ENDavid E. O'Brien21 years
vendor/ssleayVendor import EAY's LIBSSL to fix comments, etc.Mark Murray22 years
vendor/libdesVendor import EAY's LIBSSL to fix comments, etc.Mark Murray22 years
vendor/misc-GNU/bisonVirgin import of GNU Bison 1.28David E. O'Brien22 years
vendor/xeVirgin import of Xircom PCCARD driver v1.20 (1999/06/13):David E. O'Brien22 years
vendor/mroutedImport mrouted version 3.9-beta3+IOS12 . This is a version of 3.9-beta3Bill Fenner22 years
vendor/globalImport Global v3_4_2 sources.Hidetoshi Shimokawa22 years
vendor/CSRGWork out that there are a few slight improvements to import as well.Julian Elischer22 years
vendor/softupdatesBring in Kirk's Feb 20 version of ffs_softdep.c where we merged our sources..Julian Elischer23 years
vendor/softdepBring in Kirk's Feb 20 version of ffs_softdep.c where we merged our sources..Julian Elischer23 years
vendor/tclImport TCL v8.0 PL2.Paul Traina23 years
vendor/voxwareImport of guspnp23.Mark Murray24 years
vendor/rarpdImport new version of rarpd from the BPF 1.1 distribution from LBL.Bill Paul24 years
vendor/bind4Import some bmake glue for bind-4.9.4-p1.Peter Wemm25 years
vendor/stallionImport the user-mode parts of the v0.0.5alpha Stallion driver.Peter Wemm25 years
vendor/misc-GNU/miscSort from GNU textutils 1.14Nate Williams25 years
vendor/ntpdrecording cvs-1.6 file deathPeter Wemm25 years
vendor/rpcgenImport a newer and more functional version of rpcgen.Bill Paul25 years
vendor/ncftpImport of 1.9.5, one my fix included to mainstreamAndrey A. Chernov25 years
releng/2.0.5Sync with Mark M's latest suggestions.Jordan K. Hubbard26 years
releng/2.0-> RELEASE_2_0Poul-Henning Kamp26 years
releng/1Release FreeBSD years