tag namevendor/lua/5.4.4 (2c48b3fa62f265b5f9d984714fdeb87741531fd8)
tag date2022-09-01 21:30:48 +0000
tagged byKyle Evans <kevans@FreeBSD.org>
tagged objectcommit 755d9301ca...
Tag Lua 5.4.4
Fixes: - To-be-closed variables in "for" loops are not avoiding tail calls. - C99 comments ("//") are not compatible with C89. - Yielding in a __close metamethod called when returning vararg results mess up the returned values. - Function-statement syntax does not check whether name is a constant. - 'luaL_tolstring' may get confused with negative indices. - Negation in macro 'luaV_shiftr' may overflow. - 'coroutine.resume' does not increment counter of C calls when continuing execution after a protected error. - Wrong status in coroutine while closing variables during reset. - Lua stack still active when closing a state. - Finalizers should not be able to invoke the GC. - Finalizers can be called with an invalid stack. - Finalizer calling os.exit can corrupt finalization order. See https://www.lua.org/bugs.html#5.4.3 for more detailed information.