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documentation/content: Stop leaking secrets
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https://rsync.net[rsync.net] provides cloud storage for offsite backup that is optimized for UNIX users. Their service runs entirely on FreeBSD and ZFS.
rsync.net offers a free-forever 500 GB account to FreeBSD developers. Simply sign up at https://www.rsync.net/freebsd.html[https://www.rsync.net/freebsd.html] using your `@freebsd.org` address to receive this free account.
-=== `JetBrains`
-https://www.jetbrains.com[JetBrains] is a software development company which makes tools for software developers and project managers. The company offers many integrated development environments (IDEs) for different programming languages.
-JetBrains offers 100 free yearly licenses for all https://www.jetbrains.com/products[JetBrains IDE products]. Simply sign up at https://account.jetbrains.com/a/322tl3z7[https://account.jetbrains.com/a/322tl3z7] using your `@freebsd.org` address and the account will have a license attached to it automatically. Once the account is active, use it in any of the products to activate them and you're done.
-Please, only use these licences personally and do not share them with anyone outside of the FreeBSD project, as that would be a violation of the terms of the donation.