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Upgrade GNOME - MATE - Cinnamon instructions in website gnome page
Indicate that the information to install GNOME, MATE and Cinnamon is in the Handbook PR: 269459 Submitted by: Dieter Zakel <kette.schleuse.0d@icloud.com>
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= The FreeBSD GNOME Project
== What software does the GNOME Team maintain?
@@ -17,27 +19,7 @@ Cinnamon was originally a fork of GNOME 3's gnome-shell, but grew into its own d
== How to install these desktop environments?
-There are some so called meta ports available for installing these desktop environments or parts of them.
-They are:
-* gnome3 (full GNOME desktop)
-* gnome3-lite (minimal GNOME desktop)
-* mate (full MATE desktop)
-* mate-lite (minimal MATE desktop)
-* cinnamon
-The easiest way of installing is to run the following command and replace gnome with the desktop environment of choice:
-# pkg install gnome
-Or if you prefer to build from source:
-# cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome
-# make install clean
+The Desktop Environment chapter of the link:{handbook}desktop[Handbook] has information on how to install GNOME, MATE and Cinnamon
== State of the port: