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=== Mirroring the WWW Pages
-The FreeBSD website should only be mirrored via rsync.
+Since doc migration to Hugo/Asciidoctor on 2021-01-25, mirroring the website with rsync no longer works.
+There are ongoing studies to implement a website mirror with the extref:{handbook}mirrors/[official infrastructure].
+For the former website mirrors, a way to achieve mirroring the website today is building the website locally with the corresponding address it will be hosted.
+% cd website && env HUGO_baseURL="https://www.XX.freebsd.org/" make
-A command line to mirror the FreeBSD web site might look like:
+Check for more details about the build tools on extref:{fdp-primer}overview/[FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer for New Contributors, overview-quick-start] book.
% rsync -vaHz --delete rsync://bit0.us-west.freebsd.org/FreeBSD-www-data/ /usr/local/www/
+Notice the website was split into www.FreeBSD.org and docs.FreeBSD.org, and there are links between them; plus, at this moment, `HUGO_baseURL` variable won't cover all links, this way, mirroring the website is discouraged.
=== Mirroring Packages