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Shorten sentence a bit to make it easier to read
The extra words at beginning of the sentence don't add much to the understanding of the sentence. Also, there was a superfluous "in" present which was removed as well.
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==== SSL support
-At one in point in time, support for SSL inside of Apache required a secondary module called [.filename]#mod_ssl#.
+At one point, support for SSL inside of Apache required a secondary module called [.filename]#mod_ssl#.
This is no longer the case and the default install of Apache comes with SSL built into the web server.
An example of how to enable support for SSL websites is available in the installed file, [.filename]#httpd-ssl.conf# inside of the [.filename]#/usr/local/etc/apache24/extra# directory
Inside this directory is also a sample file called named [.filename]#ssl.conf-sample#.