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Mailing lists and lists FAQ: minor changes
Move the sentence about English: - away from the main page - to the audience section of the FAQ. At the main page: harmonise the three lists.freebsd.org URLs. What's seen and then clicked should be no different from what's seen as a result of the click. Fixes: 035828ef9c Mailing lists: correctness, conciseness
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@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@ This depends on charter of each individual list.
Some lists are more oriented to developers; some are more oriented towards the FreeBSD community as a whole.
Please see link:https://lists.FreeBSD.org/[this list] for the current summary.
+Lists are English language, unless stated otherwise.
=== Are the FreeBSD mailing lists open for anyone to participate?
Again, this depends on charter of each individual list.
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@@ -11,15 +11,13 @@ include::shared/en/urls.adoc[]
Mailing lists are the primary communication channel for the FreeBSD community, and cover many topic areas:
- https://lists.freebsd.org/[]
-- link:{mailing-list-faq}[frequently asked questions about the lists].
-Lists are English language, unless stated otherwise.
+- link:{mailing-list-faq}[frequently asked questions].
== Archives
-- https://lists.FreeBSD.org/archives/[]
+- https://lists.freebsd.org/archives/[]