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= FreeBSD Advocacy Project
-Much of the success which surrounds FreeBSD is due to people advocating its use to their friends, colleagues, and employers.
+Much of our success comes from users advocating to their friends, colleagues, and employers.
This page provides links to more information to help you do this.
-== Mailing lists
+== Web resources
-* https://lists.freebsd.org/subscription/freebsd-advocacy[FreeBSD advocacy mailing list]
+link:../press[FreeBSD in the press]
-== Web resources
+link:../status[FreeBSD quarterly status reports]
+link:myths[Myths] – some of the misunderstandings about FreeBSD and other BSD projects.
-* link:../status[FreeBSD quarterly status reports]
-Quarterly status reports detailing activity within and surrounding FreeBSD.
+link:whyusefreebsd[Why] – some of the reasons that people give for choosing FreeBSD.
-* link:whyusefreebsd[Why Use FreeBSD?]
-Explanations given by existing users as to why FreeBSD should be used.
+== [#sites_using_freebsd]*Who uses it?*
-* link:myths[*BSD Myths]
-Describes and debunks some of the myths that surround the *BSD projects.
+Organisations, products and services that make use of FreeBSD are https://freebsdfoundation.org/freebsd-project/what-is-freebsd/[shortlisted by the FreeBSD Foundation].
-* link:../press[FreeBSD in the Press]
-Contains many links to articles that have appeared which mention FreeBSD.
+== [#freebsd_conferences]*Conferences*
-== Sites using FreeBSD
+https://asiabsdcon.org/[AsiaBSDCon] – the annual BSD conference held in Asia.
-* http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/reports/Hosters[Hosting Providers Performance] by Netcraft is tracking the reliability of major webhosting services, many of them are using FreeBSD.
+https://www.bsdcan.org/[BSDCan] – the annual BSD conference held in Ottawa, Canada.
-* A brief list of sites using FreeBSD is maintained link:{handbook}#introduction-nutshell-users[in the Handbook].
+https://www.eurobsdcon.org/[EuroBSDCon] – the annual BSD conference in Europe.
-== FreeBSD conferences
+== [#mailing_lists]*Mailing lists*
-* https://www.bsdcan.org/[BSDCan], the annual BSD Conference held in Ottawa, Canada.
-* https://www.eurobsdcon.org/[EuroBSDCon], the annual BSD Conference in Europe.
-* https://asiabsdcon.org/[AsiaBSDCon], the annual BSD Conference held in Asia.