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[phb][uses] Document erlang
Document erlang facilities in the ports framework. Reviewers: dch@, olgeni@ Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D37578
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The format of `featurelist` is described in man:elfctl[1]. The file paths are relative to ${BUILD_WRKSRC}.
+== `erlang`
+Possible arguments: (none), `enc`, `rebar`, `rebar3`
+Adds a build and run time dependency on package:lang/erlang[].
+Depending on the argument, it adds additional build dependencies. `enc` adds a
+dependency on package:devel/erlang-native-compiler[], `rebar` adds a dependency on
+package:devel/rebar[] and `rebar3` adds a dependency on package:devel/rebar3[].
+In addition, the following variables are available to the port:
+* `ERL_APP_NAME`: Erlang app name as installed in Erlang's lib dir (minus version)
+* `ERL_APP_ROOT`: Root directory for this Erlang app
+* `REBAR_CMD`: Path to the "rebar" command
+* `REBAR3_CMD`: Path to the "rebar3" command
+* `REBAR_PROFILE`: Rebar profile
+* `REBAR_TARGETS`: Rebar target list (usually compile, maybe escriptize)
+* `ERL_BUILD_NAME`: Build name for rebar3
+* `ERL_BUILD_DEPS`: List of BUILD_DEPENDS in category/portname format
+* `ERL_RUN_DEPS`: List of RUN_DEPENDS in category/portname format
+* `ERL_DOCS`: List of documentation files and directories
== `fakeroot`