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Handbook - Update FreeBSD versions to 13.1
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@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ Be *very careful* that the correct device is used as this command will destroy t
-# dd if=FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/da0 bs=1M conv=sync
+# dd if=FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/da0 bs=1M conv=sync
If this command fails, verify that the USB stick is not mounted and that the device name is for the disk, not a partition.
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@@ -257,11 +257,11 @@ If the system is running a custom kernel, make sure that a copy of the [.filenam
Refer to <<freebsd-update-custom-kernel-9x>> for instructions on how to get a copy of the [.filename]#GENERIC# kernel.
-The following command, when run on a FreeBSD 9.0 system, will upgrade it to FreeBSD 9.1:
+The following command, when run on a FreeBSD 13.0 system, will upgrade it to FreeBSD 13.1:
-# freebsd-update -r 9.1-RELEASE upgrade
+# freebsd-update -r 13.1-RELEASE upgrade
After the command has been received, `freebsd-update` will evaluate the configuration file and current system in an attempt to gather the information necessary to perform the upgrade.
@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ For example:
Looking up update.FreeBSD.org mirrors... 1 mirrors found.
-Fetching metadata signature for 9.0-RELEASE from update1.FreeBSD.org... done.
+Fetching metadata signature for 13.0-RELEASE from update1.FreeBSD.org... done.
Fetching metadata index... done.
Inspecting system... done.
@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ When using a custom kernel, the above step will produce a warning similar to the
WARNING: This system is running a "MYKERNEL" kernel, which is not a
-kernel configuration distributed as part of FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE.
+kernel configuration distributed as part of FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE.
This kernel will not be updated: you MUST update the kernel manually
before running "/usr/sbin/freebsd-update install"
@@ -794,15 +794,16 @@ Determine which version of FreeBSD is being used with man:uname[1]:
# uname -r
-Based on <<updating-src-obtaining-src-repopath>>, the source used to update `10.3-RELEASE` has a repository path of `releng/10.3`. That path is used when checking out the source:
+Based on <<updating-src-obtaining-src-repopath>>, the source used to update `13.1-RELEASE` has a repository path of `releng/13.1`.
+That path is used when checking out the source:
# mv /usr/src /usr/src.bak <.>
-# git clone --branch releng/10.3 https://git.FreeBSD.org/src.git /usr/src <.>
+# git clone --branch releng/13.1 https://git.FreeBSD.org/src.git /usr/src <.>
<.> Move the old directory out of the way. If there are no local modifications in this directory, it can be deleted.
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@@ -335,11 +335,11 @@ To update the jail to the latest patch release of the version of FreeBSD it is a
To upgrade the jail to a new major or minor version, first upgrade the host system as described in crossref:cutting-edge[freebsdupdate-upgrade,“Performing Major and Minor Version Upgrades”].
Once the host has been upgraded and rebooted, the jail can then be upgraded.
-For example to upgrade from 12.0-RELEASE to 12.1-RELEASE, on the host run:
+For example to upgrade from 12.2-RELEASE to 12.3-RELEASE, on the host run:
-# freebsd-update -b /here/is/the/jail --currently-running 12.0-RELEASE -r 12.1-RELEASE upgrade
+# freebsd-update -b /here/is/the/jail --currently-running 12.2-RELEASE -r 12.3-RELEASE upgrade
# freebsd-update -b /here/is/the/jail install
# service jail restart myjail
# freebsd-update -b /here/is/the/jail install
@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@ The ezjailFAQ explains in more detail: http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/ezjail/
. To Populate the Jail with FreeBSD-RELEASE
For a basejail based on the FreeBSD RELEASE matching that of the host computer, use `install`.
-For example, on a host computer running FreeBSD 10-STABLE, the latest RELEASE version of FreeBSD -10 will be installed in the jail):
+For example, on a host computer running FreeBSD 13-STABLE, the latest RELEASE version of FreeBSD 13 will be installed in the jail)
@@ -902,14 +902,14 @@ Use man:file[1] to determine the original version in the basejail:
# file /usr/jails/basejail/bin/sh
-/usr/jails/basejail/bin/sh: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (FreeBSD), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for FreeBSD 9.3, stripped
+/usr/jails/basejail/bin/sh: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (FreeBSD), dynamically linked, interpreter /libexec/ld-elf.so.1, for FreeBSD 13.0, FreeBSD-style, stripped
-Now use this information to perform the upgrade from `9.3-RELEASE` to the current version of the host system:
+Now use this information to perform the upgrade from `13.0-RELEASE` to the current version of the host system:
-# ezjail-admin update -U -s 9.3-RELEASE
+# ezjail-admin update -U -s 13.0-RELEASE
After updating the basejail, man:mergemaster[8] must be run to update each jail's configuration files.
diff --git a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/virtualization/_index.adoc b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/virtualization/_index.adoc
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--- a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/virtualization/_index.adoc
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@@ -608,8 +608,8 @@ Download an installation image of FreeBSD to install:
-# fetch ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/ISO-IMAGES/12.2/FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso
-FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso 100% of 230 MB 570 kBps 06m17s
+# fetch https://download.freebsd.org/releases/ISO-IMAGES/13.1/FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso
+FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso 366 MB 16 MBps 22s
FreeBSD comes with an example script for running a virtual machine in bhyve.
@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@ This example starts the virtual machine in installation mode:
-# sh /usr/share/examples/bhyve/vmrun.sh -c 1 -m 1024M -t tap0 -d guest.img -i -I FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso guestname
+# sh /usr/share/examples/bhyve/vmrun.sh -c 1 -m 1024M -t tap0 -d guest.img -i -I FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso guestname
The virtual machine will boot and start the installer.
@@ -1028,7 +1028,7 @@ The ISO installation file is retrieved with man:fetch[1] and saved locally in a
-# fetch ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/ISO-IMAGES/12.0/FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso -o freebsd.iso
+# fetch https://download.freebsd.org/releases/ISO-IMAGES/13.1/FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso -o freebsd.iso
A ZFS volume of 20 GB called [.filename]#xendisk0# is created to serve as the disk space for the VM.